Jonathan Weil: What's Inside the Government's Deal With Citigroup?


Jonathan Weil: What’s Inside the Government’s Deal With Citigroup?

Jonathan Weil: What’s Inside the Government’s Deal With Citigroup?

This should make every American’s blood boil. The government is devoting taxpayer resources to pursue these claims in court. The public is entitled to know the results. It’s that simple.


The conservator for Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac was eager for publicity in September 2011 when it sued 17 financial institutions, accusing them of ripping off the two government-backed housing financiers. It isn’t so enthusiastic anymore.

This week the U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency told a federal judge it had settled its case against Citigroup Inc. (C) The agency won’t say how much money Citigroup is paying. Neither will Citigroup, which survived the financial crisis only because it got multiple taxpayer bailouts. The parties agreed to keep the terms confidential. The government has decided this is none of the public’s business.


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2 Responses to “Jonathan Weil: What’s Inside the Government’s Deal With Citigroup?”

  1. If you have read professor Shawn Newman’s document of Freddie and Fannies Shell game, you would believe they discovered so much fraud on Fannie and Freddie’s part, the government is covering up the crime. His articles have been deleted from almost every web site, but mandleman matters pod cast signt. Wonder why? It appears Freddie and Fannie were part of this crime against us, a huge part of ti.

  2. I am guessing the disclosure had to have proven Freddie and Fannie are necessary for the securities fraud and are no innocent parties to this crime. FREDDIE AND FANNIE SHELL GAME BY SHAWN NEWMAN.

    Freddie and Fannie had a policy of not receiving the notes. How can that be to seal the deal in the securities trust. They planned on debt collectors stealing the houses. It would appear to me that Fannie and Freddie wanted no dead body to come forward knowing the notes were to be cashed out and destroyed therefore never to b e negotiable again. They had a fatal flaw in this. That meant there was no debt owed by the homeowners inorder for their scheme to work to eat their cake and keep it too, Collect and double and tripple dip they had to make it look like the people still owed the debt, and make money in the securities pools and stock market dipping as many times as they could for the funds. No fault of the homeowners. Just my opinion and it sure looks right on to me.


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