Guilford lawsuit on mortgage 'robo-signing' dismissed


Guilford lawsuit on mortgage ‘robo-signing’ dismissed

Guilford lawsuit on mortgage ‘robo-signing’ dismissed

WOW! I mean come on, after all the fraud that was uncovered in this county alone? Lets recap shall we because this is absolutely mind-boggling?

NC Reg. of Deeds Thigpen Releases Approx. 4,500 DocX Signature Spread Sheet


An N.C. Business Court judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Guilford County against some of the nation’s largest banks for “robo-signing” mortgages and loan documents.

In the suit filed last year, Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen said robo-signing let mortgage industry employees sign assumed names to financial documents.

That makes it hard to trace land titles, he said. Banks failed to keep proper paperwork on loans as they were traded and bundled as securities, Thigpen said.


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4 Responses to “Guilford lawsuit on mortgage ‘robo-signing’ dismissed”

  1. Could be they ran into a corrupt judge very common. To common. Judges are blocking justice. In every county, it is a crap shoot to find a judge that rules by the rule of law. Total disregard to the rule of law and Constitutional process.

  2. Well Well as Neil Garfield said state the banks have not filed a claim upon which relief can be granted. File back at the banks. They seem to be able to use this to our detriment and we need to use it to their detriment. Lack of standing if no proof The banks need to prove they have standing and they dont. Not an attorney just seeing Neils claim as being important in our cases. This one sentence is killing cases and needs to be shot right back at them.

  3. wisenUP2their game says:

    So, would the next logical step be that homeowners in the county who have MERS/LPS docs file individual or a class action suit based on >>> “One of the claims raised by Guilford County was that the defendants violated state law by allegedly filing fraudulent and invalid satisfications with the register of deeds. However, the court knocked down this claim, saying the rule makes creditors liable to landowners and the Guilford County Register of Deeds is not a landowner…” <excerpt via


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