US Bank walks away from foreclosure on Aurora woman


US Bank walks away from foreclosure on Aurora woman

US Bank walks away from foreclosure on Aurora woman

Read the case here:Brumfeil v. U.S. Bank et al | Colorado Dist. Court – Rule 120 in foreclosure proceedings—is unconstitutional on due process grounds

Denver Post-

US Bank on Friday backed down from its efforts to foreclose on an Aurora woman whose federal court battle against it has taken on the constitutionality of Colorado’s foreclosure laws.

Just days after lawyers for the bank told a federal judge they’ve always had the original documents necessary to foreclose on Lisa Kay Brumfiel’s tri-level house legally — and U.S. District Judge William J. Martínez said to produce them — the bank rescinded the whole thing.

Despite the move to make a nearly two-year nightmare to save her house go away, Brumfiel on Friday insisted she’s pressing on.

“I would rather risk losing my house again than to selfishly watch this corrupt process continue for others,” said Brumfiel, a 43-year-old part-time saleswoman who took on the court battles without a lawyer. “I know too much, and I don’t want the blood of it on my hands.”


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  1. lies is all they tell says:

    i just wish wells fargo bank NA would do this. i also would countinue the battle for justice just the same. this is a horror to be lied to , and trampled on in the courts. it pains every part of your soul because you know as a person you did everything right. it is theywho are liars. I new to much before the foreclosure started i asked for help through many entities senators, OCC, but to no avail. no help just a foreclosure. so it didnt matter every fax i sent was shredded, or signed fed ex mailer with hamp application, my foreclosure was manufactured in hopes i would leave and they would get the house uncontested because that is the drill. they also hope on the help of the courts. I had one of the best judges in my county ajudicating my case and the county moved him out, YUP. His las motion last summer was court ordered discovery. it was so exciting. then we sat for 7 months with no production then after the plaintiff motions for more time and it is granted?? HOW? what is this judge thinking. so yeah i am in the fight of my life as well.


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