LPS, DocX Lorraine Brown sentenced in Michigan


LPS, DocX Lorraine Brown sentenced in Michigan

LPS, DocX Lorraine Brown sentenced in Michigan

Wood TV8-

The former president of a mortgage document processing company has been sentenced for racketeering.

Lorraine Brown was sentenced to 40 months to 20 years in a Michigan state prison. That will be served concurrently with any sentence received for federal crimes.


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One Response to “LPS, DocX Lorraine Brown sentenced in Michigan”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    So at what point are Docx records revealed since they just convicted this chick, and the victims of her crime informed of the fraudulent assignment she had her staff perform?

    So we caught the crook and the crook confessed to 1 million of these assignments, but now we are acting as if there are no records, so why would the crook confess if there are no records of her crimes.

    Where are the banks, servicers and foreclosure mills that used the crooks services? If all these corporation could not get actual documents where did they think she was getting it as it was not at the court house in the first place, and the servicer had the files. Is this not like what they are charging the people in the Boston bombing with, for being willfully stupid in aiding?

    This does not pass the smell test for the DOJ by allow the IFR settlement to take place while they had this evident back in Dec 2012 when Ms. Brown confessed and was working with them!


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