Obama hired back all the Clinton-era officials who caused the housing bust — so they can do it all over again


Obama hired back all the Clinton-era officials who caused the housing bust — so they can do it all over again

Obama hired back all the Clinton-era officials who caused the housing bust — so they can do it all over again


Donovan now serves as secretary of housing, where media reports say he’s pushing hardest to preserve Fannie and Freddie and its “affordable housing mission.” He believes the mortgage giants facilitate “an important democratization of credit” benefiting “underserved groups.”







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8 Responses to “Obama hired back all the Clinton-era officials who caused the housing bust — so they can do it all over again”

  1. Sarah says:

    Nice try – the Banksters own the GSEs and they set up and preyed upon millions and got away with it. The end. The NY Post is great for fire starting or masking paint overspray. There is little difference between key players from administration to administration. I’d like to get paid for leaving a reply.

  2. Charles Reed says:

    What is occurring here is the revolving door of using the poor to pad the pockets of the rich. I place greater blame on the NY Dem crowd in this caper than the GOP.

    Obama and Holder along with Donovan have allow great damage in the black & Hispanic communities, yet are now talking about relaxing for lender a already non-existence course for prosecution, while Obama categories the borrowers of the housing crisis in one big bunch as deadbeats to get reelected.

    The GOP played right into Obama hand by not digging into the housing crisis because poor Negros getting put out their homes demonstrates for the GOP base that Dem policies are these socialist programs that will destroy the Nation.

    However what the GOP did was to not understand out of the 10 million foreclosures, which involved as many as 20 million adult people in those household and 1/2 Republican voters facing the loss of shelter.

    Now as Obama allowed at least 7 million foreclosure during his 1st term without stopping what the GAO said was a botched operation with the Independent (wink wink) Foreclosure Review Board (What a Joke), that was allowed to be operated by the same bank and same regulator that failed the first few time and yet once again.

    But in true Washington fashion the same cast of characters are once again placed in charged of agreeing to a settlement, when the first two in HAMP & IFR failed, we get a process that the banks are placing borrowers into categories of argued position that the review board had not addressed a single complaint with a money award.

    Be very careful what you wish for because you got it in Obama!

  3. Without Freddie Fannie and MERS the con game is over. The securities pool fraud is done. If they are dismantled and investigated I would think the game is up. Just my opinion based on the letter from Freddie stating their policy was not to receive notes. Which means they refused to receive proof of the loans don’t ya think?

  4. I had a hard time digging up the Freddie and Fannie Shell Game letter by Shawn Newman, due to it is deleted off most of the sites WHY?

  5. It appears the banks need Freddie and Fannie create more money in their gambling casino, using MERS to conceal the fraud. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuAhlUTLPgk

  6. Francis says:

    John Dugan et al, etc were all Bushies. How many tries is it going to take to get the public to believe the lie that some mythical Gov’mint entity forced Banksters to lend to the unworthy? This is how terrorists cover their tracks, blame someone else.

  7. Richard Davet says:

    The largest “Theft by Deception” scheme in history. it is called

    “The GSE Business Model”.

    All Players are guilty participants.


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