After firing June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards, Pam Bondi now takes credit for their ground breaking work


After firing June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards, Pam Bondi now takes credit for their ground breaking work

After firing June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards, Pam Bondi now takes credit for their ground breaking work

Thanks to Foreclosure Hamlet for flagging this video to us.

Sorry I just had to put this out there…she should be embarrassed for even mentioning the word robo-signing. If you haven’t yet, this is a tell all MUST READ RELEASE: From Andrew Bennett Spark, Assistant Attorney General, Tampa Economic Crimes to read what goes on with her investigations.

Click image below for Pamela Jo’s video.

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12 Responses to “After firing June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards, Pam Bondi now takes credit for their ground breaking work”

  1. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:


  2. Val says:

    Not sincere. She is reading from a card. Hope

  3. Val says:

    Not sincere. She is reading from a card and great performance.

  4. TheHutMaster says:

    Oh MY, this bimbo is just too funny!
    Who did she blow to get this office?

    Oh wait, it was the stolen Dog named Rick Scott? Or perhaps LPS? What a dirtbag slut. Pammi, we are comming for you.

    “Fight the Good Fight”

  5. JIMI says:


  6. bs all the way says:

    What a hippo-crit!!!!

  7. no names, please, we're in litigation says:

    Oh, boy! Did you hear the part about her office getting a substantial share of the settlement? Oh, yeah, I bet it will.
    Pam–we all know you took many, many campaign “contributions” from Lender Processing Services and Provest–companies that were under investigation for fraud by your predecessor Bill McCollum, while you were running for office.
    Know this: I will do whatever is in my power to make sure that you are not re-elected and go on to no other Florida post. I think you are dishonest and a thief, plain and simple, and I wouldn’t let you clean out my toilet unless my silver was locked up first.

  8. 2 Pirates Over 40 says:

    Since good ol’ Pam said that some of the money was going to go for legal help for the people of Florida, I’am going to request from her office that some of that money pay for my defense against FDLG, or whatever they call themselves these days, to pay my Attorneys to keep battling to save my home…..

  9. SANDY says:


  10. Lizzy S-Nashville TN says:

    What no one ever looked at into this issue was the connection not between Bondi and LPS but Bondi and David Stern who she worked so hard to protect. The year all of this went down he made $500 mill-1/2 Billion on his stock shares for DSE or DSI or whatever the hell it was called! All based on the future income of his scam business and NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE EVER BROUGHT BY THIS HORRIBLE, LYING BITCH! Anyone who knows the title biz like myself in an atty’s office where I work in Miami that Stern was connected to everyone. My pal went to his neighbor at XMAS in 2009 in Bumsteer Wisconsin to his brother’s neighbor XMAS Party in the Boondocks! he started talking to friend of neighbor who worked in real estate atty office-Stern’s name came up and he said “OH DAVID WE LOVE HIM-HE JUST WAS UP HERE LAST WEEK & THE WHOLE OFFICE WENT TO HUGE LUNCH HE PAID FOR & BROUGHT US ALL XMAS GIFTS!!!” My friend who is in biz too almost gasped-This asshole was everywhere-he did not work-he traveled and he bought everyone off and made sure any competition was destroyed-he makes Bernie Madoff look like Charlie Brown-DAVID STERN IS THE EPITOME OF EVIL, A LIVING SATAN! So please understand I GUARANTEE THAT PAM BONDI IN THE LPS CIRCLES had a very STRONG RELATIONSHIP with STERN! And the FL voters relelect her overwhelmingly-she is a HORRID WHORE LITERALL! Just she does it in a nice executive suite and pretends to care yeah her & Gov Dick Scott shut the whole Theresa Edwards investigation into this DEVIL down! HAHA! WOW What a World But Do not worry-it will all come back to haunt them all as I hear there is a major documentary nationally quietly being prepared on all of this as it truly makes maddoff case look wimpy! This is Florida govt corruption as nothing else explains what happened to Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson not to even be let go quietly in 2012 but DUMPED and give choice resign or be fired-FOR WHAT!? Looking out for the homeowners and trying to put the most evil scumbag away in Stern. But this is not over trust me-They all think they got away with it but there may be some pics of kissy kissy with Bondi and Stern wink wink! And this may be showing up on 60 Minutes and nationally in theaters in the future as this is an amazing story that was shoved under the rug-yt Stern literally affected every single homeowner in America by his evil ways but was protected by the Gov and the Atty General-WHY? Not to hard to decipher that one, is it!? Stern would make clear to all-Shut it Down or else it ALL comes out-their direct connection with him-travel, boats, cars, MONEY!!! Look, think its all conspiracy: In 2006 Stern quietly took over Natl City Mortgage as the SOLE ASSET LISTER FOR EVERY REO ASSET IN THE COUNTRY FOR AT THE TIME THE 8th LARGEST BANK IN US before they were bought out by PNC in the REO crash ironically precipitated by Stern! That means quietly and secretly the head of REO for Natl City gave Stern the listing rights to market every one of their assets in a small outsource company he set up with 6 employees called DSI (secretly was David Stern Inc but no one knew). It was never publicly revealed and he marketed 10,000’s of thousands of assets for them for 5-6 years and received 1-1.5% commission for every single asset they sold in REO-do the math-just off of that in a small office, they gave an atty ALL the assets and he made $5-15 mil a year as they had massive # of assets we handled in GA and N Fl the title work at my former atty office. How did this happen-he was best friends w Phil Cobb, the head of NCM REO who made the decision and where they spread out the listings among 4-5 outsourcers, they were all fired and Stern was SOLELY the LISTER! Cobb, who HMMMM wonder why he did that, eventually left NCM when they were dying and went to be HEAD OF REO OF BANK OF AMERICA but guess what!? A year and Half before Stern collapsed, a press release was placed out publicly that PHILIP J COBB would now be the “HEAD OF OPERATIONS” of David J Stern’s Atty Office in Fort Lauderdale! HAHA!@ You cannot make this shit up! WOW Former head of REO for 2 of the largest banks in US becomes HEAD of the biggest scam attorney office in America prob for $2-3 million a year and GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH OF THAT 1-1.5% COMMISSION WENT TO COBB’S POCKET! The employees at the atty office and National City employees were all cracking up how dirty it was and how shitty DSI as a company was-it was a former Bank of A REO Dept head whose office got shut down started managing DSI with like 4-5 20 to 30 yr old novices who knew nothing and they were CONTROLLING THE REO ASSETS AND ASSIGNING ALL THE REO FOR EVER NCM ASSET!!! This is HOW IT WORKS MY FRIENDS! DSI was pocket money to Stern-just another way to control and that is why he had 100,000’s of thousands of files-he had the same relationship with all the people in REO and controlled them-that is why there was NO concern on his part of EVER getting in trouble because he OWNED ALL OF THEM INCL OUR ATTY GENERAL! The best part is this part of the story was never even revealed and all the atty offices in America that had to deal with DSI knew-a rag tag group of gals in a tiny office of 1,500 ft prob paying $900 a month for the space-I saw it-it was hilarious portaying themsleves as a TOP NOTCH NATIONAL OUTSOURCER FOR AMERICA’S 8th LARGEST BANK!!! Thousands were affected by Stern in the REO biz also as the banks pulled all the accounts from everyone handling Stern files as we handled overflow and he handled as many files as they could but after awhile they had so many forget it!!! It was printing money and he lost his atty license WOW!!!!! BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!! and he kept all the spoils of the fraud minus what $3 million I think he had to pay in fines. There is a great story 3-4 years before the scandal, the atty Claude something in N Fl filed charges and Stern was found guilty for $2 mil in damages-when case was over, he walked up to the clerk-took his checkbook out and wrote a personal check for $2 mil, handed to cleark, smiled at the opposing atty’s and walked out-all that work to get him and it was just blown off like a sneeze! We can only have faith and pray that their is some divine justice here on earth we will see-I am not worried about afterlife-that his biz but we actually need to see him stripped of his riches and freedom for what he did while guys with selling a bag of weed get 5 years in prison! Rot in Hell Stern!


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