Chase Bank error nearly causes veteran, 91, to lose her home


Chase Bank error nearly causes veteran, 91, to lose her home

Chase Bank error nearly causes veteran, 91, to lose her home

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Severina Wilson is a 91-year-old widow, and a veteran of both World War ll and Korea. And through no fault of her own, she was about to lose her Pasadena home.

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2 Responses to “Chase Bank error nearly causes veteran, 91, to lose her home”

  1. This is no error! The banks have done this very same thing to massive people. A disabled man I know fighting cancer, deceased now and under extreme pressure while dying. He never missed a payment Miss appropriated funds. The banks appear to be thugs and theives. This one just got caught and she fortunately had the right people protecting her. Same with another spa client of mine, never missed a payment and she was evicted two years ago by miss appropriated funds. She is having heart trouble due to the stress and fighting to get her home back. My home was mod fraud, after paying five going on six payments the banksters decided to make my modification payments partial payments and cause me fraud default. They have no morals, no shame, and are disgraceful.

  2. I should add Kathys family tried to get a pay off figure to just pay the house off, due to they have the cash to pay it off, and the payoff was refused. The thugs wanted the house not the money. Another party I know has the means to pay off his mortgage and was denied the payoff figures and was foreclosed on despite he wanted to pay them off with cash he has in his accounts. They dont want the money or the payments they want the houses defaulted to make servicing fees and to steal the property equity and all.


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