Obama Picks Morgan Stanley's Lawyer to Lead SEC


Obama Picks Morgan Stanley’s Lawyer to Lead SEC

Obama Picks Morgan Stanley’s Lawyer to Lead SEC

Where are the disclosures of any conflicts of interest involving robo-signing …etc.?


The Securities and Exchange Commission couldn’t get Ken Lewis on any securities-law violations after he helped drive Bank of America Corp. into the ground as its chief executive officer. Now the SEC is poised to get his attorney as its new chairman — and Morgan Stanley’s, too.

Mary Jo White is set to become the next chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. President Barack Obama is scheduled to make the announcement this afternoon at the White House. Assuming she is confirmed by the Senate, the former U.S. attorney from Manhattan will take over an agency that is ridiculed more than feared.


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3 Responses to “Obama Picks Morgan Stanley’s Lawyer to Lead SEC”

  1. keepon says:

    Mary Jo has no regard for the public as demonstrated in the NYU Breuer-Spitzer-Barofsky colloquy, and the “revolving door?,” ‘she never heard of it.’

    Is that enough of a clue here? More: 2nd verse same as the 1st: 1% is in the lead by virtue of pocketbook, not fact.


  1. [...] wonder what Obama’s chosen one for the next chairman of the S.E.C., thinks of this since her firm represents Morgan [...]

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