KaBoooom!! Lanny Breuer RESIGNS, Justice Department criminal division chief, is stepping down


Ka-BoOOom!! Lanny Breuer RESIGNS, Justice Department criminal division chief, is stepping down

Ka-BoOOom!! Lanny Breuer RESIGNS, Justice Department criminal division chief, is stepping down

A day after his Frontline appearance!


Lanny A. Breuer is leaving the Justice Department after leading the agency’s efforts to clamp down on public corruption and financial fraud at the nation’s largest banks, according to several people familiar with the matter.

As one of the longest-serving heads of the criminal division, Breuer’s tenure has been filled with controversy and high-profile prosecutions. He was admonished for his role in the agency’s botched attempt to infiltrate weapon-smuggling rings in the operation dubbed Fast and Furious. And he has been accused of being soft on Wall Street for failing to throw senior bank executives behind bars for their role in the financial crisis.


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2 Responses to “Ka-BoOOom!! Lanny Breuer RESIGNS, Justice Department criminal division chief, is stepping down”

  1. keepon says:

    … and I bet he was last seen slipping into his white shoes. Now he can pull down some real $. Must have a wealth of knowledge, doncha think?

  2. Charles Reed says:

    This is comedy at it finest, for this guy to try and convince somebody that the DOJ was trying with all their little might, to uncover evidence and a dude with a camera and some spare time on his hand gets four whistle-blower to talk on camera of the widespread abuse.

    These folks sound exactly like the now released Independent (wink wink) Foreclosure Review Board who were reviewing the files finding 90% error and in once case 90% real harm to homeowners!

    Dude is a joke, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


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