Elisse Walter to Lead SEC After Schapiro Steps Down Dec. 14


Elisse Walter to Lead SEC After Schapiro Steps Down Dec. 14

Elisse Walter to Lead SEC After Schapiro Steps Down Dec. 14

Be sure to read this post: BRUTAL & UGLY: Top Bank Lawyer’s E-Mails Show Washington’s Inside Game and decide if this one reason for her stepping down?

BFF’s? Elisse Walter was an executive vice president at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, where Schapiro was chairman and chief executive officer before rejoining the SEC.

Do you think this was the right choice? Oh and did you know Her husband runs antitrust policy for GE, a massive financial services company. h/t Matt Stoller

Why did Obama pass on Neil Barofsky or Sheila Bair? Never-mind we know the anwser.


Mary Schapiro will step down next month as U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, turning over the reins to Commissioner Elisse Walter in a move industry observers say will bring little change at the agency.

Schapiro, 57, who took the SEC’s top job in 2009 as it reeled amid public rebukes for failing to rein in Wall Street abuses, will leave the post Dec. 14, the agency said in a statement today. President Barack Obama named Walter to succeed Schapiro as the SEC navigates a flood of mandates from the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act and pursues efforts to overhaul regulation of money-market mutual funds and high-frequency trading.


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  1. Sharon says:

    And GE has poisoned millions of Americans with their gadolinium based contrasting agents used for MRIs and many that had lawsuits against GE died waiting for a settlement from GE which pulled every trick in the book to avoid liability even though they admitted liability. This is a disgrace and one the American people will not forget. We must stay involved and make sure we understand all they are doing right in front of eyes.

    There are other white house connections with GE besides Jeffrey Immelt as Job Czar.

    From a Yale press release. May 22, 2009

    “Helaine Klasky, Yale’s chief spokesperson and director of public affairs, will leave the University in July to join her husband in Washington, D.C. Klasky and her husband, William Wechsler, were married while colleagues at the Treasury Department in 2000. The next year, Klasky came to work at Yale and her husband followed her to Connecticut. Now, as Klasky put it in an e-mail to friends and colleagues, it is her “turn to follow him.”

    Wechsler recently began work as the deputy assistant secretary for counternarcotics and global threats at the Department of Defense; Klasky will step down from her duties on July 17 and move south, along with her two boys, in August.”

    Yale is the official registry for the new man-made disease called gadolinium-induced fibrosis which is being covered up. Yale calls it nephrogenic systemic fibrosis but the kidneys don’t cause this disease gadolinium, a toxic metal does. And GE’s product is the worst of all the gadolinium based contrasting agents.


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