Mtg. servicing "paperwork problems" continue to plague housing. Banks haven't learned how to foreclose w/o forged docs


Mtg. servicing “paperwork problems” continue to plague housing. Banks haven’t learned how to foreclose w/o forged docs

Mtg. servicing “paperwork problems” continue to plague housing. Banks haven’t learned how to foreclose w/o forged docs

How? When? Where? Who? What?


Court delays initially contributed to the problem. But the delays have been compounded because mortgage firms cut corners in proving ownership of loans, with employees preparing documents improperly. The resulting “robosigning” scandal that exploded in 2010 led to more setbacks as banks refiled cases in order to comply with the law.

“The backlog has been related to the fact that [banks’] pleadings were wrong,” said Margaret Jurow, assistant general counsel at Legal Services of New Jersey, which represents homeowners in foreclosure cases. “That’s not the courts’ fault.”


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8 Responses to “Mtg. servicing “paperwork problems” continue to plague housing. Banks haven’t learned how to foreclose w/o forged docs”

  1. Eugene Villarreal says:

    I’m from N.J. and I love the fact that LSNJ attempts to help homeowners. Tough they have tunnel vision because they are officers of the court, they are mistaken in thinking the courts are not at fault. WHO allowed the banks to submit these fraudulent paperwork? HOW were they able to get away with it for so long? WHEN did the N.J. Supreme Court ever stick up for homeowner’s Due Process? WHERE in the N.J. state constitution does the Rule of Law exist and the courts must follow? WHAT happened to the intregity of the court?
    LSNJ presented the court with trucks of wrongdoing in the OTSC and only robo-signing was addressed. LSNJ fought the Guilluame case with its hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded. Their next case will be Standing or Jurisdiction and that will be a telephone conference. If LSNJ wants to really wants to help homeowners, REPEAL GUILLAUME !!!

  2. Charles Reed says:

    So easy to solve if the blinder are taken off. But when Ginnie Mae is involved in this crime big time, it a little hard to come down on other who are committing the crimes Stevie Wonder can see what going on!

  3. Sarah says:

    Liars loans aren’t “the courts” fault either. It’s been widely reported the same stuff that brought the whole show to a temporary stop continues unabated. Missing the forest for the trees, there is a reason documents “must” be forged. The WSJ of course, deems these foreclosures important to “get over with” since that’s what a recovery depends on. If these former homeowners dust themselves off, line back up for another go at home ownership, the “market” will get back to “health.” The problem is prices are too high still, vested interests won’t surrender.

  4. JIMI says:

    nj courts suport robo-signers and fraud against the people of nj
    we nj people demand strong laws against bankers that commit fraud we want laws like in nevada when the banks learn that nevada courts will send them to jail for fraud there was 90% reduction in foreclosure filling in nevada by the banksters.wake up nj attorney general start protecting nj homeowners of step down and go home

  5. JohnR says:

    The Courts and the “Legal System” ARE now to blame! The very first time a Defendant stood up and showed the Court… anywhere… that the Lender’s were bringing forged and fraudulent documents into OUR Courts to enable them to illegally take a citizens home, the Courts had an obligation to at the very least check out the facts.

    And once this particular “fact” had been discovered by the Courts it should have been heralded to all the other Courts Nationwide. If by nothing else a sanction so huge it would have gained National News.

    Secondly, that very same 1st time the fraudulent documents were found by the Courts, the Plaintiff’s Attorney’s should have been jailed and lost their license! When a Defendant even alleges fraudulent doc’s, Plaintiff’s Atty’s have a professional duty to recheck and rectify those doc’s. Neither has ever happened and since it did not the Courts of this land have continued, knowing what is happening, to collude with the Lenders.

    Until the Courts acknowledge the wrong they have done, until our Courts reverse EVERY illegal foreclosure in this Country, OUR judges will continue to appear to be just a bunch of greedy low life criminal scumbags… Until that day, there is no Justice in the United States of America.

  6. pam says:

    Can anyone tell me how courts in FL are judging if/when there is a lost note affidavit? Or, more specifically, on what basis can a lost note affidavit fail for the bank?

  7. pam says:

    To dinsfla,

    I am trying to get a laymans explanation of what is happening at the appeals court level in FL regarding “notes, lost and found and fabricated.” Any chance I could contact you via email directly?

    If so, please email me at

  8. dinsfla says:

    I’d look into the Pino vs Bony case as this is probably the closest anyone has got in FL I believe. Look at the cases they cite most importantly.


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