Chris Whalen Slams CA AG Kamala Harris For Standing Up To Banks & Protecting Homeowners


Chris Whalen Slams CA AG Kamala Harris For Standing Up To Banks & Protecting Homeowners

Chris Whalen Slams CA AG Kamala Harris For Standing Up To Banks & Protecting Homeowners

So it’s ok for banks to have their say but not the homeowner? Eliminate due process and simply throw them out?

Disgraceful! It’s always about the money.



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5 Responses to “Chris Whalen Slams CA AG Kamala Harris For Standing Up To Banks & Protecting Homeowners”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    This dude is stupid as he is saying that you cannot foreclose in the state when that not true, as you only have to go in front of a judge to do so.

    This guy is backhanding Southern States saying the only states that are doing this. Basically in around about by saying they are rednecks, but California is freaking bankrupt.

    This dude needs to come to grips that the lender cannot prove they borrower the borrowers money. A Note is a Contract and if your not a party to that contract or have purchase that debt of the Contract you cannot foreclosed.

  2. keepon says:

    Don’t look now Chris, but your oligarchical kleptocratic side is showing! Bank snob!

    I’ve never seen him more smug and self righteous. “…the Homeowner has a right to sue you.” Can’t fathom the peons having that right, can you Chris? You must be a slave-owner Chris. Come on; ‘fess up.

  3. Renoira says:

    Oh heck yeah! And sue you we will…how about the LENDERS having to obey the laws?

    I have robo-signers on my docs, who signed before the company was even in business. How is that? How can you transfer a deed of trust in January 2008 and then open business in August 2008? How can it be that they hold us to a LIAR loan with a predatory prepayment penalty we DID NOT sign? They won’t refinance and won’t release us from the loan so we can refinance with someone else.

    The deserve to be sued and to lose. None of this would be necessary if they worked with the homebuyers on their own to straighten out this mess, but instead they choose to act mercilessly and without compassion.

    Not even the investors are happy.

  4. Elaine Williams says:

    Clearly this guy has no clue about what caused this mess in the first place. No clue! Agree with Renoira, not even the investors are happy! Why? Because they were duped too! Even an Armani suit can’t help this creep. Notice the WTF look on the face of the guy next to him.

  5. Joni Brit says:

    Kamala Harris when are you running for President? Why is everyone making such a big deal, all it means is that now, as with every other defense, you are innocent until proven guilty. When you have working women with young children fighting for their homestead, life’s blood and reputation without funds for an attorney on one hand, the Banks and the Insurance Companies with their billion dollar pensions invested in their Titles, this is the ONLY solution.
    To even suggest this will inhibit investors from coming to California, says more about the nature of your investors, than the legislative process due the families, or as you call them, “debtors” of California. It’s nice to know what your investors think of the people they build homes for, debtors.!


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