Montgomery County recorder of deeds can pursue litigation against MERS et al


Montgomery County recorder of deeds can pursue litigation against MERS et al

Montgomery County recorder of deeds can pursue litigation against MERS et al

AND you mean to tell me the AG’s could not do this themselves?? Course they could’ve but their banker pals wouldn’t permit them to get to first base.

Read the ruling: Montgomery County, PA Recorder of Deeds vs MERSCORP | Mortgage Assignments Be Recorded, Right To Bring a Quiet Action


The federal court has upheld the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds’ right to sue an electronic mortgage registry company and banks doing business with that company for $15.7 million that she claims is owed to the county in recording fees.

The court Friday issued a 36-page memorandum and order denying a motion by MERS, also known as Mortgage Electronic Registry System, and its participating banks to dismiss the lawsuit filed last year by Recorder of Deeds Nancy J. Becker.

The court’s ruling, while not discussing the merits of the case, essentially states that Pennsylvania does have a law requiring that mortgage assignments be recorded with the recorder of deeds office and that the recorder of deeds has the right to bring legal action when he or she does not believe an entity is complying with the law.

“This is one major hurdle that we have now leaped,” Becker said Monday. “Now, we can move forward on the issues.”


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  1. papergate says:

    Why don’t these recorders enjoin the very victims of these fraudulently recorded documents – namely the homeowners themselves – in PA at least every homeowner who is afflicted or damaged by MERS in their title should be named as plaintiffs as well since it is only because of their damaged title is this even an issue – plus this would help greatly the wonderful Recorder’s, like Nancy Becker who is fighting like a tiger for her constituents and all other 66 counties in PA – they should all be helping her and the homeowners should be invited and equally represented in these type cases – after all it’s about their real property rights that were destroyed so if they can’t get legal assistance on their own they should at least be able to enjoin or participate in these type of cases . . . where in the world is an attorney when you want? Also, I think we need to start a list of the ‘deadbeat’ law firms who espoused to being ‘specialists’ in areas of real estate, bankruptcy, etc. and are absolutely clueless about these matters – don’t even know what the acronym “MERS” stands for – seriously folks these attorneys and law firms need to be pointed out because they’re an embarrassment to the legal professionals who do work in these areas like Gardner, Garfield, Narkin, and of course the gang in FL who are heros!


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