Bill Black: Fiat Justitia? Breuer fires blanks on elite financial frauds


Bill Black: Fiat Justitia? Breuer fires blanks on elite financial frauds

Bill Black: Fiat Justitia? Breuer fires blanks on elite financial frauds

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Beurre blanc is the classic white butter sauce of France.  Americans who hate the French claim that they became adept at saucing to cover up the rot in their meat in earlier times.  A beurre blanc does not remove the rot.  It masks the bad taste and the bad color of bad meat.  Indeed, the sauce makes the dish even less healthy.  If the rotten meat doesn’t get you, the sauce’s cholesterol will.

“Breuer blanc” is the classic white butter sauce served by the increasingly oxymoronic Justice Department to cover up the rot in elite American banksters.  Lanny Breuer runs the Criminal Division during the continuing cover up of the greatest and most destructive epidemic of elite white-collar crime in our history.  The ingredients of “Breuer blanc” consist of a generous portion of inaction and a large dollop of hypocrisy all emulsified with esters of excuse.

The last three administrations have found the bouquet of the financial industry’s political contributions so delectable that they have allowed elite financial firms and their senior officers to commit fraud with near impunity.  Prosecutions, even serious investigations employing grand juries, of the elite bankers who became wealthy by causing the ongoing crisis have become so rare that Breuer is firing “blancs” at the most elite frauds.  The results of Breuer blanc have been catastrophic.   The Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations (and Congress) catered to elite bankers so unctuously that they created the most criminogenic environment for financial fraud in history.  The fin de siècle feast that the Clinton and Bush administration served up to produce the crisis exemplified the elite degeneracy that the French have always ascribed to the end of an era.  The element of hope, however, that the French also ascribe to the new era was quickly betrayed by the Obama administration.  The audacity of hope soon curdled into a spoiled and broken Breuer blanc slathered over the rot of the elite banksters to cover up their frauds.


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  1. Sarah says:

    The Justice Department leapt into action on Monday to restore indefinite detention. See? The are doing stuff.


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