Still No Justice for Mortgage Abuses


Still No Justice for Mortgage Abuses

Still No Justice for Mortgage Abuses

By now, you should know better. Please don’t expect this to change any time soon. 


It has been six months since the big banks settled with state and federal officials over evidence of widespread foreclosure fraud, promising to provide $25 billion in mortgage relief in exchange for not being sued over past foreclosure abuses.

At the time, it looked like a sweet deal for the banks. The fines were paltry compared with the damage done to homeowners and the economy. And much of the relief the banks were obliged to provide could be met by continuing more or less with business as usual.

It still looks like a sweet deal.


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4 Responses to “Still No Justice for Mortgage Abuses”

  1. Sarah says:

    A good reason to boycott the Presidential election, Obama has “foamed” homeowners. Romney profits directly from the “foaming”. Obama’s Justice Department is capable only in covering for the financial sector.

  2. Lynne kushnir says:

    Until homeowners can be represented by the same attorneys with the same renumeration there will be no justice. Recognize that fact and take some of this billion dollar settlement and pay million dollar fees like the Banks are to these Attorneys and people will stop being the victims.
    The fact Banks and their Attorneys are wealthier than ever on the backs of mortgage backed securities that are now in tax deferred REITS that have never been audited is scandalous. Take the money, hire the lawyers what they deserve to do the job correctly, to compete with what the Banks are paying. There’s gold in them Titles and Fannie, Freddie, the Banks, and the brokerage Houses are getting every one of them.

  3. Charles Reed says:

    Yes there is gold in Fannie & Freddie title issues, but the easier path is Ginnie Mae held Blank Notes because it clearly written by Congress that they cannot originate or buy a home mortgage loan but are in possession of these Notes.

    Bottom-line is there are trillions of dollars in mortgage backed securities, that cannot have any underlying collateral because the party holding the only proof of purchase did not purchase the debt.

    Just understand this simple fact that if I don’t lend you money or purchase your debt as a authorized lender of home mortgage loans there no way to call that loan due even if you have been given the Notes because you don’t purchase the debt.

    This is a done deal as to the crime that being committed over at Ginnie Mae!

  4. lies is all they tell says:

    Charlse I agree!!! but we need the same lawyer and the same judicating until that happens all homeowners are scrooed!!!
    Ho do the judges not understand that the foreclosing banks and their lawyers are debt collectors. debt collectors becuase the true mortgage does not exist. if there was a true mortgage there would be no reason for a debt collector te banks would collect there own debt. sad we cant get justice


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