Mortgage customers of 5 large banks get big offers to lower their payments


Mortgage customers of 5 large banks get big offers to lower their payments

Mortgage customers of 5 large banks get big offers to lower their payments

THOSE MORTGAGES *ARE* EXACTLY THE ONES THAT SHOULD BE *INVESTIGATED*, particularly *property records* of Assignments (or *not*).

Are investors aware of these reductions?


CLEVELAND, Ohio — Thousands of homeowners nationwide are getting jaw-dropping offers from five of the largest mortgage lenders.

The unsolicited letters and phone calls from Chase, Ally/GMAC Mortgage, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America are the mortgage equivalent of winning the lottery even when you weren’t playing.

The banks are offering customers no-strings-attached deals to drastically reduce their interest rates and, in some cases, slice tens of thousands from their principal. Customers don’t have to apply, sign tons of paperwork or pay any closing costs or any fees.


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3 Responses to “Mortgage customers of 5 large banks get big offers to lower their payments”

  1. The homeowners have hit the lottery and dont know it is why the banks are desperate to get your signature on a new refi loan, for money at any ammount that was never owed these banksters. Due to the crimes by their own hands the homeowners own their homes outright with no debt owed at all on the homes. No fault of their own. With MERS being challenged in WA and now Oregon and more to come the banks are going to loose the properties they never owned and the homeowners are going to have a windfall alike a lottery they never exspected due to no one has any debt against their house. They own the houses so the banks want their signatures on loans they dont owe these banksters. A signature may enable the banks to ask the judges for quiet titles and they may sneak behind the homeowners backs and ask for quiet titles due to the homeowner signed a contract they had no idea they did NOT HAVE TO UNDISCLOSED TO THEM THEY OWN THE HOUSE DEBT FREE. Perhaps the banks know if the MERS decision goes nationwide there will be a windfall for homeowners, so they are attempting to do what they could have done before the homeowners found the truth. Get those signatures on the loans so they can sneak a quiet title in and dont let the homeowners know they are reupping a loan with a party that has no authority to claim ownership of your note nor has lent any money in the transaction, but has stolen the home for any small ammount of money you sign up with them fore. When the homeowner by law owns the home outright. As Bank of America tried to do to you.

  2. The banks have already done this with thousands of people to get that signature on a new loan knowing the homeowner owes them nothing. The real party owed has been taken by the banksters and the banks do not know who owns any of the houses. Well by law it is the homeowner. None of the houses are underwater. They are free and clear of debt.

  3. Kimmie says:

    Every homeowner that we reach through communication efforts is another that will communicate to more and so on. It is with complete astonishment that more are less understanding of what is really going on with these financial institutions. There are enough folks out there sick and tired of this BS and screaming it out loud while those who see it choose to ignore it. WTF is wrong with these people??? Financial terrorism is looking at them in the face and they dont give a rats! Keep it going and thank you for all you do!


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