Exclusive: Tracy Lawrence and the Foreclosure Suicide that America Ignored


Exclusive: Tracy Lawrence and the Foreclosure Suicide that America Ignored

Exclusive: Tracy Lawrence and the Foreclosure Suicide that America Ignored

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By Mark Ames: Every week, it seems there’s another tragic story about a suicide or murder-suicides linked to foreclosure trauma. Some of the more spectacular murder-by-foreclosure stories the past few years have been collected by a blog called “Greenspan’s Body Count”—others, myself included, have been writing about these terrible stories of class warfare being waged by the only side fighting it, and winning it, as Warren Buffett rightly said.

Before the 2008 crisis, the media paid little attention to the death toll taken on Americans by the decades-long class warfare waged against the 99%. Now they’re impossible to ignore. Stories like the US soldier in Iraq who committed suicide so that his wife could collect life insurance, and save their family home from foreclosure. Or the courtroom-suicide in Phoenix, in which a Yale-educated banker-swindler swallowed a cyanide capsule after being found guilty of setting his 10,000 sq foot McMansion on fire as a way of collecting insurance and evading mortgage payments he couldn’t afford.

Despite the somewhat increased media attention given to these tragic stories nowadays, there is one suicide directly tied to foreclosure fraud that has been completely ignored by the media. Her name was Tracy Lawrence, and for a brief moment last year, between the moment she turned whistleblower and her untimely and bizarre suicide, Tracy Lawrence’s testimony threatened to blow the entire fraud-closure criminal enterprise wide open, with repercussions that could have easily reverberated all the way up to the major banks and GSEs complicit in one of the greatest crimes this country has ever experienced.


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2 Responses to “Exclusive: Tracy Lawrence and the Foreclosure Suicide that America Ignored”

  1. Joni Brit says:

    How cruel it is, turning State’s witness, and the State not being able to protect her. She could certainly have sent a message, and a very strong one. She deserved protection, and should not have been left alone. Another message has been sent. A very strong one..
    Every family in distress, and all under water homeowners are still there and worse off than ever.
    The Wall Street Lawyers have made gazillions by sueing each others RMBS , like the emporer’s new clothes. Finally someone has the brilliant idea, “gee, boss, maybe, we should audit these things?”
    “why, look in the draw, every one in that entire city has a credit score 580 or less, ”
    “No Boss, those were the SAT scores ..the highest you could get was a …”

    It does not matter, after this election home ownership is finished. Everyone will be renting from FNMA, who owns every empty house, and are just waiting. Every Title is in a REIT.

    Tracy did not know everything, the men she once had behind bars knew more.
    American citizens, the life and breath of our country, once working class Americans, keepers of the American dream, now without jobs, without homes, without credit and confidence, stylish clothes, family and friends, and still being blamed for the mortgage meltdwn, and financial crisis!

    It will not be the greed of Wall Street but the reckless spending, multiple mortgages, and needless expeditures, of these once middle class Americans who dared to dream that necessitated FNMA’s intervention (together with Wells Fargo, and how they came to own everything already, we’ll that’s funny) to save the rest of the country from their behavior.

    The Home owners have Lost. After all this Administration’s time, any one who has lost their home to a Bank fraudulently has received no home in return. Facts have been admitted but face it, middle class Americans are now Wall Streets fodder. Ahhh, Thanks for the food stamps but we will need 6,000,000 more Shelters in 2013.

  2. Joni Brit says:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink….maybe my friend’s afraid of looking like an idiot, these last 3 years haven’t exactly been confidence builders.


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