TV News Is Not Aware Of This Libor Scandal Of Which You Speak


TV News Is Not Aware Of This Libor Scandal Of Which You Speak

TV News Is Not Aware Of This Libor Scandal Of Which You Speak

Huffington Post-

Maybe instead of asking why Americans don’t care about the Libor scandal, we should be asking whether they’ve even heard of it.

The scandal that has been not-crazily called the biggest financial scandal in history has gotten all of zero minutes’ air time on the ABC and NBC nightly news broadcasts and only a little more time than that on CBS and the major cable news channels, according to a report by the progressive media watchdog Media Matters.

Who cares, you might be thinking, who watches TV news any more? Not as many, any more, but most people still consider TV their primary news source.

Media Matters did a Nexis search for all the times Libor and Barclays and other search terms related to the scandal got mentioned on prime-time broadcasts since the scandal broke in June and found next to bupkus:…


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3 Responses to “TV News Is Not Aware Of This Libor Scandal Of Which You Speak”

  1. Sarah says:

    Prime time news serves to distract people, not provide worthwhile information. Anyone losing their home knows how the “Good Germans” in our media are simply paid spokespeople for the owner-ruler class.

  2. Lynne kushnir says:

    Because it is old news. Because the law works so slow and finance works triple the speed of light, who cares about the fixing of a libor rate, the time to have caught this misdeed was a dozen years ago, as was the time to audit theRemics and catch the fraud while it was happening, It’s over. People have lost their homes, wall street is richer than ever, and the selling of mortgagebacked securities made up of nothing but bogus pieces of paper called a title has just been launched in the form of the largest IPO ever by the same guys. They know their business. And how to make their customers very very rich. Their customers won’t be losing their homes that’s for sure.


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