ROSS vs MERS | California Homeowners Sue MERS, Servicers, TRUSTS, Robo-Signers in Monster Lawsuit


California Homeowners Sue MERS, Banks, Servicers, TRUSTS, Robo-Signers in Monster Lawsuit

California Homeowners Sue MERS, Banks, Servicers, TRUSTS, Robo-Signers in Monster Lawsuit


It appears the attorney Peter Nisson named handling this lawsuit is Current Status:  Not Eligible To Practice Law (Not Entitled).

Way too many to list and name but see the entire Complaint below. Courtesy of Court House News

[ipaper docId=101489791 access_key=key-136zlhrxrx357w7btfmv height=600 width=600 /]

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5 Responses to “California Homeowners Sue MERS, Banks, Servicers, TRUSTS, Robo-Signers in Monster Lawsuit”

  1. Amy Sheaffer says:

    How can I join this class action lawsuit?! I’m currently being evicted from my CA. home of 13 years. Please respond!

  2. Ken Hansen says:

    How can everyone join the lawsuit?

  3. David S says:

    Please advise if anyone in the Northern California Bay Area that can help.

    I have a “MERS” loan and have been trying to get a copy of my title for over a year. I’ve been ignored, stalled, and told everything under the sun as to why they’re not able to provide that to me. Of course the truth is they don’t have it–I don’t think anyone has it. I’m in good standing on my payments but am sickened to think I was suckered into what essentially is a fraudulent contract of which chain of title cannot be proven. I’m wondering what happens when I’m done paying off my loan and I supposedly own my home free and clear. How will I gain title if title doesn’t exist(which at this point I’m pretty confident it doesn’t)? I think I’ll need to sue someone–though I don’t know if I sue MERS, my loan holder, or who?

  4. Robert Morse says:

    Where is the artical/complaint? I don’t see anything except the title.

  5. Charles Reed says:

    David your title is at the register of deed office and depending on whether you have a mortgage, deed of trust or security deed is what called the title.

    Now MERS dose does a bs transfer beneficial rights but they must record these transfer at the local level. Depending on what type of loan you have will depend on who is suppose to be actual holding your Note.

    Call the OCC or FIDC and complain that you are not being given who is your Note holder. First you can go to the MERS web site and their is a section for home owner to find out who your servicer and investor of your loan, and the investor is suppose to be the owner.

    However if you have a VA or FHA loan it will say Ginnie Mae is your investor and if it does that fact is that Ginnie Mae could not purchase your loan, so the fact is you really don’t have a lender/investor/owner of your Note/debt.

    To look up the servicer it will tell your to enter ssn of min number which is going to usually be on the copy of the Note or finish loan application you received at closing.

    Good luck and just remember file a complaint with the regulator if the other thing don’t work first.


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