Families caught in foreclosure crisis unite in national campaign


Families caught in foreclosure crisis unite in national campaign

Families caught in foreclosure crisis unite in national campaign

The Guardian-

A national campaign representing more than 50,000 families caught up in America’s foreclosure crisis has been launched, with the aim of making mortgage relief a key issue in battleground states during the 2012 election.

The Home Defenders League, launched on Thursday, plans to be active in 17 states across the US recruiting members via phone and door-to-door campaigns. Staffed by people who themselves are suffering from foreclosure, the HDL wants to create a powerful lobby in swing states like Florida, Colorado, Nevada and elsewhere.

This weekend it will hold more than 20 rallies, phone banks and house parties to recruit supporters in a three-day membership drive. It is planning to tap into some of the 15.7 million American homeowners suffering from foreclosure or whose houses are “underwater” and thus worth far less than their mortgages.

It seeks to vet politicians


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One Response to “Families caught in foreclosure crisis unite in national campaign”

  1. joe parisi says:

    Was just contacted by NY AG’s office, a fella named Curtis. I had filed a criminal complaint with Schneiderman’s office. He called to discuss everything but the fact there is robo signing and the MERS issue.

    He never got back to me. It seems Schneiderman like all politicians, swallowed political punch made Obama et al.

    No prosecutions, on indictments. If you or I were to forge documents, backdating, etc. we would be arrested, indicted and sent to the Federal pen.

    If this what my father and uncles fought WW 2 for. One by the way, lost an arm.

    All these politicos- same face different mask.

    PS- Abacus bank in Chinatown. Arrests made. Vance says it was necessary. He also said prosecuting big banks and other corporations is detrimental to every one. Translation slap on the pink- pay fine stay out of jail. Right!!!

    It truly is a shame what the wealthy and well connected get away with.


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