BRING THE BANKS TO JUSTICE: Letter to NY AG Eric Schneiderman


BRING THE BANKS TO JUSTICE: Letter to NY AG Eric Schneiderman

BRING THE BANKS TO JUSTICE: Letter to NY AG Eric Schneiderman

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To Attorney General Eric Schneiderman:

Today, a group of citizens is staging a sit-in at your office at 120 Broadway. Whereas most sit-ins aim to disrupt, ours will be different: our goal is to propel you forward.

President Obama has tasked you with co-chairing the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Fraud Task Force, and the last thing we want to do is get in your way. However, since the creation of this unit, over four hundred thousand homes have been foreclosed on–that’s over four thousand a day—and not a single bank or corporate criminal has been brought to justice.

Your job title is “The People’s Lawyer.” We are the People. We want to help
you with the People’s Investigation of mortgage-backed securities fraud and
other crimes of the recidivist banking industry. We know that the only path to
lasting structural reform involves holding accountable those institutions that
committed fraud.

We’ve read reports that you have not been given the staff or the resources
you were promised. That is unacceptable, so we are stepping up. You said
recently, “I need everyone out there to help us make this investigation as
strong and thorough as it needs to be.” (The American Prospect, 4/23/12)

We are here to answer your call.

We’re tired of transactional politics. We are pushing for transformational
change. We want justice that is sweeping, swift, and blind to the influence
and power of those who are guilty. We know you want the same. But we
also know that you face considerable political resistance–which is why
we’re here today to help.


The May Fourth Committee for Equal Justice Under the Law
Concerned Constituents of the Economy

CC: Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General
Tony West, Director of SEC Enforcement Robert Khuzami, and U.S.
Attorney John Walsh

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  1. Thank you so much for reporting the activities of these brave Americans. Without justice, we do not have society. I am humbled and grateful to all continuing to fight. We Shall Never Forget!


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