Healthy Living: Keep Eye Strain & Your Back at Bay


Healthy Living: Keep Eye Strain & Your Back at Bay

Healthy Living: Keep Eye Strain & Your Back at Bay

A bit off topic but I know many of you are experiencing some sort of eye strain, reading and googling just about everything in mind as well as maybe developing back stress from sitting a bit too long.

Here are a few tips via [Apartment Thearpy].

Viewing Distance – Set your screen at eye level and at a recommended distance of around 20 to 26 inches.

Ambient Light – Try to avoid harsh fluorescents and swap in more soft and natural bulbs.

Prevent Dry Eyes – Take a break to lubricate and soothe your eyes when symptoms begin to present themselves.

Computer Reading Glasses – If you’ve addressed the common issues with appropriate lighting and ergonomics and still have eye fatigue symptoms there is one more avenue to explore — specialized computer reading glasses

Below is a video on eye exercises (

Another source of information via [Dr. Kevin Hue-Fah, B.Sc., D.C.]

  • Try not to sit for too long. Take frequent breaks 5-10 minutes for every hour spent at the workstation. Even getting up to stretch and walk around will help improve circulation and reduce overall stiffness
  • Vary the work tasks. Alternate keyboarding with other activities requiring moving around or changing body position.
  • Make sure chair has adequate cushioning. Use a back support for additional support. Make sure feet are touching the floor to reduce pressure on lower back.
  • Watch posture. Try to stay close to ideal posture for as long as possible
  • Regular breaks will help reduce muscle aches, eye strain, stress
  • Eye exercises: look away from screen occasionally to focus eyes on object far away
  • Wash hands, rub hands together to warm up, place over eyes to soothe
  • Arm rests – try to use a chair that has these
  • Ergonomic keyboard – will reduce stress and tension on wrists, hands
  • Anti-glare monitor screen – will reduce eye fatigue and radiation
  • Make sure text readable, that not squinting to see what typing (adjust
  • Font and /or viewing size and style so readable)
  • Telephones: use headset, switch sides if possible; if have no headset, then try to alternate between sides so do not put too much pressure on one side of neck
  • Use mouse pad and wrist pad to support wrists and hands in neutral position
  • Position monitor in front of you, slightly lower than line of sight

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