Foreclosure Threats Even After Loan Modifications


Foreclosure Threats Even After Loan Modifications

Foreclosure Threats Even After Loan Modifications


A Port Saint John family thought they had avoided disaster after a loan modification was approved.

But  a year later, they claim, Bank of America is foreclosing on their home even though they haven’t missed a mortgage payment since the modification.

Billie Whaley posted three signs  at her  home, all attacking Bank of America.

One reads: “Please help us. Bank of America is trying to steal our home.”

Whaley claims the lender double-crossed her family by approving  a loan modification, taking payments for nearly a year, and now threatening foreclosure.

“I can’t think about it and not cry. We put everything into this home,” Whaley said.


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2 Responses to “Foreclosure Threats Even After Loan Modifications”

  1. Ken Hansen says:

    Can we please shut this monster Bank down and save the universe?

  2. keepon says:

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