Bank Of America Forecloses On Pamela Flores' House After Telling Her To Miss Payments


Bank Of America Forecloses On Pamela Flores’ House After Telling Her To Miss Payments [VIDEO]

Bank Of America Forecloses On Pamela Flores’ House After Telling Her To Miss Payments [VIDEO]

Isn’t this what they told everyone?


Here’s how Pamela Flores tells it: A couple years ago, she found that she couldn’t keep making mortgage payments on her Atlanta house.

She says she then tried to get a loan modification, according to CBS Atlanta. Instead, Bank of America advised her to stop making payments altogether so that she could qualify for the Making Home Affordable Program, a federal initiative meant to provide mortgage relief.


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3 Responses to “Bank Of America Forecloses On Pamela Flores’ House After Telling Her To Miss Payments [VIDEO]”

  1. Jude McDonald says:

    Bank of America after 13 months of me begging every month told me the same information. Stop paying your mortgage!
    Investors of Bank of America hold the Office of the President of Bank of America responible for the HELL on Earth some of us have paid since 12/2008.

  2. I was told to stop making my payments three times to qualify for a mod loan,then I allowed one payment behind feeling well the bank is telling me this over and over, so it must be ok and necessary. Then I was told I was approved for a mod to begin making mod payments immediately not to wait for paperwork that was on its way but never came. Then after five mod payments I was told I was now unapproved due to Obama changes therefore my mod payments would be considered to be partial payments and my house was in foreclosure. So I went to the bank manager that called the servicer whom was told the same thing. She told me to get an attorney to save my house. Then showed me the pile of house keys on her desk and shook her head in shock and dismay.

  3. I should add this was Chase bank. One of my day spa customers was told the same and she made nine payments of only six dollars less, that she refused to accept, due to a six dollar reduction being absurd. Her bank Chase told her they would only accept the six dollar reduced payment now, then after nine payments she recieved the same letter I did and made the same phone call I did thinking it was a big mistake and has tried to find an attorney to save her house and can not find anyone to help her she can trust therefore she and her husband are moving their family and giving up to much stress to take anymore. Americans have been betrayed by our banks and our government. Especially our AG’s.


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