Joe Nocera: Why People Hate the Banks


Joe Nocera: Why People Hate the Banks

Joe Nocera: Why People Hate the Banks


A few months ago, I was standing in a crowded elevator when Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, stepped in. When he saw me, he said in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear: “Why does The New York Times hate the banks?”

It’s not The New York Times, Mr. Dimon. It really isn’t. It’s the country that hates the banks these days. If you want to understand why, I would direct your attention to the bible of your industry, The American Banker. On Monday, it published the third part in its depressing — and infuriating — series on credit card debt collection practices.

You can’t read the series without wondering whether banks have learned anything from the foreclosure crisis, which


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2 Responses to “Joe Nocera: Why People Hate the Banks”

  1. Mr james dimon , don’t no what hard times are , if he did he would say the stuff he says , first of all the staff of chase bank , the administation office of chase , that a level hi then mr dimon ,he probly haven’t never seen them folks , he just a working ceo mba , at a set pay ckeck a year , those folks he work for are low down trash , but he is rite its not the bank , its the folks who is in charge of the bank and its not mr dimon . He don’t say nothing to them cause he want to stay paid u see , but a nuff is a nuff . Its time for change .org ,if yall tired of them folks treating yall like crap , make the complaint known to change .org , sign that thing and then they a send it out for a vote to get them out of office asap , to tell u the truth we need poor people to make the laws who has been threw hell , rich people don’t need to set the laws they no nothing . We don’t need a new president we need , a new mind set in these banks . I call foward the real and divine mind set of the banks , cause the stuff running them now are pure stupid and greedy , and need to be kicked out on the street . James dimon , think about this what if these banks did all the stuff to u and ya kids , u wouldn’t like that nether .public stand up for ya self (, change .org)- web site is ready , they are lisense for this change and when the vote take place place the white house has too look at it , and make a change to it asap .it be fast too . One more thing ,who ever made a blind protector trust , u need to be arrest for murder and fraud .

  2. Ken Hansen says:

    Should we feel sorry for Jamie? It’s surreal he would be so disparaged by a newspaper. We don’t read the Times without some suspension of disbelief. Why isn’t Dimon considering the negative press that comes from hurting so many people, so that a few can profit immensely?


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