Isaac Gradman: My Take On Newly Filed AG Foreclosure Settlement: As Bad As We Thought It Was


Isaac Gradman: My Take On Newly Filed AG Foreclosure Settlement: As Bad As We Thought It Was

Isaac Gradman: My Take On Newly Filed AG Foreclosure Settlement: As Bad As We Thought It Was

Enjoy the perfect clip for this fiasco!~

Subprime Shakeout-

This famous postgame rant from former Arizona Cardinals coach Denny Green after his team’s epic meltdown on Monday Night Football against the Bears could just as easily apply to my reaction to reading the official terms of the Attorney General Foreclosure Settlement (the “AGFS”), filed today.  The nation’s largest banks get off with a relatively small penalty (much of it paid by investors or in “credits” for things the banks should already be doing) in return for releases across a broad spectrum of misconduct that pervades just about every dark corner of mortgage servicing.  The categories of servicer misconduct are laid out in detail in the complaint filed today in D.C. Federal Court, and include the following:

  • Providing false or misleading information to borrowers,
  • Overcharging borrowers and investors for services of dubious value,
  • Denying relief to eligible borrowers,
  • Foreclosing on borrowers who were pursuing loan mods in good faith,
  • Submitting forged or fraudulent documents and making false statements in foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Losing or destroying promissory notes and deeds of trust,
  • Lying to borrowers about the reasons for denying their loan mods,
  • Signing affidavits without personal knowledge and under false identities,
  • Improperly charging excessive fees related to foreclosures,
  • Foreclosing on servicemembers on active duty,
  • Making false claims to the government for insurance coverage, and
  • Being unorganized, understaffed, and generally slower than molasses to respond to borrowers desperately in need of relief, while servicing fees continue to accrue.

The list goes on and on…


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2 Responses to “Isaac Gradman: My Take On Newly Filed AG Foreclosure Settlement: As Bad As We Thought It Was”

  1. lies is all they tell says:

    ok i just love these reports filed. its time to do something about this. if you have time to write you have time to act. some of us have to work and earn money to eat. i am tired of readig everyday about these occuring. yes we know!!! all of the above and more have happened to me. doesnt mean the judge in my little town of good ole boy judges are going to rule in my favor. what we all need is a national mortitorium. stop this fiasco now.

  2. mary says:

    NO, WHAT we need is to stop BEGGING and DEMAND that SECURITIZED mortgages with NO CHAINS of title per the PSA, NO LONGER be foreclosed as it is ILLEGAL, FRAUD, ETC. everyone must demand that the rule of law, SEC laws be ENFORCED. If you don’t have time to do anything except get your docs and everyone send their chains of title to the DOJ, GOvernors, Recorders, then that is more than nothing; THEY need to know that WE are NOT allowing them to get away with STEALING our homes. Everyone has a PSA; which states that the assignments MUST BE RECORDED OF THE FOLLOWING: Originator to Sponsor; Sponsor to Depositor; Depositor to the Trust. Failure to do ANY OF THIS EXACTLY MAKES IT A NULLITY! AND TAXES ARE OWED 100% on the dollar. Failure to get MAD, ENRAGED, DISGUSTED, AND STAY QUIET ENSURES they will continue to take more and more of your rights until there are NONE LEFT!


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