UNSEALED COMPLAINT | Whistleblower says BofA defrauded HAMP


UNSEALED COMPLAINT | Whistleblower says BofA defrauded HAMP

UNSEALED COMPLAINT | Whistleblower says BofA defrauded HAMP


Bank of America NA prevented homeowners from receiving mortgage-loan modifications under a federal program in order to avoid millions of dollars in losses while benefitting from financial incentives for participating in the program, according to a complaint unsealed in federal court Wednesday.

The suit is the second whistleblower complaint unsealed so far with apparent ties to the $1 billion False Claims Act settlement announced by Bank of America and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York on February 9.


H/T Bill Behrens for the complaint

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5 Responses to “UNSEALED COMPLAINT | Whistleblower says BofA defrauded HAMP”

  1. lies is all they tell says:

    gee sounds alot like wells fargo, hmmm let me get this they know this is going on and nobody wants to stop it and say the jig is up. they continue to allow us to suffer and have have the ownership of our home in a judges corner even though we all know florida is hurting aand appeals cost money they know most homeowners do not have. does anyone realize the stress and hard ship this causing hard working individuals. do you know what is like to work your entire life to keep a roof over your head to be losing because there has been systematic fraud going on. a breakdown at every step of the loan, modification and foreclosure process. this is causin so much rift in families. (yes the tears are flowing as i write this) my husband and my kids think i am losing it because all i do is worry about losing my house but all i can do is not understand why and how this happened to me. why a in this position. i applied fot he loan. i trusted the banks. do you think it mattered to me or my children what house i lived in. when you apply for a credit card or for a job or even to get into a university if your criteria does not mesh you are not approved. well that should have been expected with our homes. i bring this amount home , here is my paycheck stubs and w2 forms form the last 2 yrs yet to find out after years of complaints to pam bondi, the occ, and marco rubio that wells fargo put me in a stated income loan are they not designed for the self employed. they have told us not pay our mortgage to be eligible for the hamo loan, they have forged the signature on my note, endorsed it in blank with a rubber stamp with no date or notary. and my family does not want me to be upset at losing my hoe. at this point i am not sure how to feel. all i am asking for is support i am extremely distraught.

  2. No Way!

    I broke this story on Piggybankblog.com on March 3rd way before Reuters had it!

    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

    John Wright

  3. Retiree says:

    I am in a similar situation. Today I was told that they didn’t think I was experiencing a hardship because I am not more than 60 days in arrears. By definition, a hardship for B of A is, Death, Divorce or disabled. I guess being 68, unemployed and spending all my SS check plus 1/2 my pension check doesn’t qualify. Go figure.

  4. DANI says:

    no suprise here at all bank of america fraud is well known it is time the govrement start to look into it and stand with the homeowners
    in a fight against bank of america fraud.
    god bless nevada ag for defending people in nevada from bank of america fraud we need more brave people like her all over america

  5. Renee says:

    This happened to me in California!! Began the divorce process on 5/2/11 and couldn’t make the mortgage payment on my own. Contacted BofA right away and was told several times by my “customer relations representative” that the modification could not start until I had a divorce decree signed by the judge. I explained that I was worried because I wasn’t sure how long that would take. The divorce was finalized in 3/2012 but the judge didn’t sign for two months then I received the signed decree from my lawyer in June. I sent it over to BofA and was told “sorry…you’ve exceeded the time frame in the HAMP program guidelines. Later after speaking with HUD I was told that all I really needed to send was a quit claim signed, notarized and recorded by my ex-husband. BofA didn’t tell me that was all I needed!!! These people need to go down!!!!


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