[VIDEO FAQ's] Schneiderman: Foreclosure Fraud Deal w/ Banks a 'Down Payment' - Rachel Maddow


[VIDEO FAQ’s] Schneiderman: Foreclosure Fraud Deal w/ Banks a ‘Down Payment’ – Rachel Maddow

[VIDEO FAQ’s] Schneiderman: Foreclosure Fraud Deal w/ Banks a ‘Down Payment’ – Rachel Maddow

Bank are facing $100’s of Billions in potential liability!

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One Response to “[VIDEO FAQ’s] Schneiderman: Foreclosure Fraud Deal w/ Banks a ‘Down Payment’ – Rachel Maddow”

  1. kathe says:

    We’ve been sold out! $2,000 doesn’t even cover the money we spent on Tylenol and Pepto to help us cope with all the headaches and other maladies brought on by the frustrating dealings with the banks. Please let your voice be heard, sign this petition to the President, at the “We The People” section of the Whitehouse.gov website, asking him to MANDATE (instead of suggesting, as he did with HAMP or MHA) help to homeowners, and to bring to justice the parties responsible for the mortgage fraud. The short link is http://wh.gov/0iq

    Let’s voice our outrage at this affront to all of us who have been defrauded over and over. Let’s tell president Obama that we are decent Americans who have had enough, and we demand that he acts decisively and mandates help for us, the people, instead of giving the banks and their accomplices a free “get out of jail” pass. Stop allowing the banks and their accomplices to continue their wrongdoing, and hold them accountable for their crimes. Stop illegal, fraudulent foreclosures!

    These are our homes, this is not a trivial matter; this is the American Dream, and it’s being stolen from us; enough, let’s stop this once and for all. We the people bailed out these banking/financial institutions, and they are thanking us by stealing our homes, instead of working with us toward reasonable loan modifications that will allow everybody (the banks & investors too) to come out ahead and move forward, thus improving our economy.


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