Team Obama Represents the Banks, Not You: A Call to Action


Team Obama Represents the Banks, Not You: A Call to Action

Team Obama Represents the Banks, Not You: A Call to Action

Abigail C. Field-

The sweetheart deal the feds just finished forcing down the throat of the state AGs is only the latest piece of evidence–evidence enough to reach ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’–that your federal government works for the banks and not you. Team Obama has placed the economic interests of the banks and the freedom of bankers above your economic interests, the rule of law, and any notion of good faith, fair dealing and justice. They won’t admit it; Team Obama will run hard as champions of the 99% on all things, including being Tough On Banks! and Helping Homeowners! But neither is true, and it’s critical that you not believe them when they say it.

That said, please understand; I’m not hawking the Republicans: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are no better on banking and housing. The only candidate I heard make some sense on these issues was John Huntsman, and he’s no longer in the race. On banking and housing policy, we currently have no good candidates.

My slim hope for good bank and housing policy rests on you. If Team Obama is confronted with an informed and active electorate over the next several months–confronted with enough voters demanding good policy instead of easily disprovable talking points–I think it’s possible to goad a-scared-we-won’t-be-reelected Team Obama into actually doing good policy.

So what can you do? …


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One Response to “Team Obama Represents the Banks, Not You: A Call to Action”

  1. Annette A. Barry says:

    Thank u 4 your comment; however, in my opinion, you just presented your opinion, not facts. Please advise when you have some to validate your position.

    And, if President Obama and his Team did NOT do all you allude to, there is a God who sits high but looks low; and who says, “Be not deceived, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap…God is not a man that he should lie.”

    God bless…


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