DOCX Faces Foreclosure Fraud Forgery Charges in Mo. Foreclosures


DOCX Faces Foreclosure Fraud Forgery Charges in Mo. Foreclosures

DOCX Faces Foreclosure Fraud Forgery Charges in Mo. Foreclosures

Some tid-bits for you all from DOCX’s website in 1998:

DOCX was established in March of 1993 by its president, Lorraine O. Brown. It’s a privately held Colorado Limited Liability Company. DOCX set up headquarters in Springfield, Ohio. In October 1994, DOCX merged forces with Ontrak Services. Ontrak was a pioneer in the development of outsourcing services for assignment and satisfaction processing. With the acquisition of Ontrak, DOCX expanded its operations to Frederick Maryland. DOCX has recently established a marketing/sales office in Atlanta, Georgia. DOCX operations continue to run in both the Springfield, Ohio and Frederick, Maryland locations.


DOCX developed two software products; DOCX RID™ (Recorders Information Database) which keeps track of County Recorder fees, and the requirements for recording assignment and satisfaction documents, UCC’s, and to obtain certified true copies of recorded documents. DOCX’s latest software development, DOCX in a BOX™, takes the DOCX RID program significantly further by providing the software to produce the completed and legally-sufficient documents required to process


One of the largest companies that provided home foreclosure services to lenders across the nation, DocX, has been indicted on forgery charges by a Missouri grand jury — one of the few criminal actions to follow reports of widespread improprieties against homeowners.

A grand jury in Boone County, Mo., handed up an indictment Friday accusing DocX of 136 counts of forgery in the preparation of documents used to evict financially strained borrowers from their homes. Lorraine O. Brown, the company’s founder and former president, was indicted on the same charges.

Employees of DocX, a unit of Lender Processing Services of Jacksonville, Fla., executed and notarized millions of mortgage documents for big banks and loan servicers over the years. Lender Processing closed the company in April 2010, after evidence emerged of apparent forgeries in these documents, a practice now called robo-signing.


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