MERS (DE) vs MERS (GA) - Is there a difference?


MERS (DE) vs MERS (GA) – Is there a difference?

MERS (DE) vs MERS (GA) – Is there a difference?

Hmm I think I would throw this in, look at the date this TM patent was signed below, 3-4 years after MERS’ 1999’s date via Fmr. V.P. W. Hultman’s secretary Kathy McKnight [PDF link to depo pages 29-39].

Courthouse News-

ATLANTA (CN) – Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems claims William Davidson deceptively incorporated his Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems in Georgia, causing people to believe they had properly served the real MERS by sending notice to Davidson.
     MERS seeks punitive damages on six counts, including bad faith, theft by deception, trespass/conversion, deceptive trade and trademark violations.
     MERS claims Davidson incorporated his own MERS with a principal place of business at his home address in Lawrenceville, Ga.
     The true MERS is a Delaware corporation developed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which “serves as the mortgagee or beneficiary on more than 70 million mortgages, deeds of trust, and security deeds for properties across the country, more than 2.3 million of which are located in Georgia,” according to the federal complaint.
     MERS says Davidson incorporated his copycat business on March 10, 2011 in Georgia.


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2 Responses to “MERS (DE) vs MERS (GA) – Is there a difference?”

  1. Bob Lock says:

    OK, so how does this fit in? I have an assignment from a GA law firm that has a Georgia MERS corporate seal. It was obviously fraudulent, as the law firm that used the seal subsequently filed a ‘corrected’ assignment when I called them on the fraudulent nature of the GA MERS seal.

  2. Virginia says:

    It would be hard to believe that the creation of 3 companies with the same name wasn’t a strategic plan meant to confuse as part of the overall scheme. Bottomline is that Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. I & II were absorbed by MERSCORP, Inc. in 1998. MERSCORP, Inc. owns the registered trademark MERS(r) and then created Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. III who is found in the mortgages using an acronym of MERS – not the registered TM version which is assigned to the system that MERSCORP, Inc. owns and operates, software, patents, etc. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. III is a strawman corporation, owns nothing, employs no one – is just an empty shell. So, just how can the strawman Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. III sue anybody for anything?

    William Davidson should check the Delaware records and the USPTO … It’s convoluted but it’s not so difficult to grasp once the documents are on the table.

    BTW while MERSCORP, Inc. is not identified in the mortgages or disclosed to the borrower, the MIN # belongs to MERSCORP, Inc., not the acronym MERS for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. III. How many more service marks exist in the mortgage loan documents that belong to undisclosed silent contracts linked to the mortgage Ponzi scheme?


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