Stress of foreclosure can make homeowners ill


Stress of foreclosure can make homeowners ill

Stress of foreclosure can make homeowners ill

Listen carefully because this is probably the most important post on this site. I know for a fact, many of you carry stress on your shoulders until it knocks you down like a ton of bricks without any notice. You get absolutely no warning.

For some time now, I wanted to post an article by Deepak Chopra for you to read called Hypertension: A Lifestyle Disorder Needs a Lifetime of Attention, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Stress is a silent killer, it’s not worth it.


Foreclosures are making Florida homeowners sick.

A series of studies over the past year, including one that zeroed in on Florida and other hard-hit states, found that people who go through home foreclosures suffer more stress-related illnesses, from high blood pressure to depression to heart trouble to nausea.

With foreclosures expected to begin rising again in the coming year, doctors and mortgage counselors said they expect to see more distressed homeowners fall ill.


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2 Responses to “Stress of foreclosure can make homeowners ill”

  1. lies is all they tell says:

    both me and my husband 48/52 are having bad effects from this scam. i cracked a tooth, i am severely depressed couldnt even plant my garden last spring. my husband with severe hypertension. he lost his job in june employment for 50 yr olds hard to find in florida. they made it so we cant sell our homes??? which for the life of me i do not understan. ok he lost his job we can not afford the mortgage you sell your house and move on buy a cheaper home or rent. foreclosure is not neccessary? i always thought forclosure was for people in denial who couldnt pay their mortgage and wouldnt sell thinking help was around the corner (a job) . this happened beore we moved from hollyood to miramr buying a home fronm builder GL HOMES to qualify us for the new home the builder excluded the taxes and insurance so the mortgage was to steep for us and when my husband lis manufacturing job and unable to find a job in one year we sold and moed to tampa bay where he got a job in a few weeks. back in 2006 unemplyment was 4% today aklmost 14%. so here we sit witha looming foreclosure that is no fault of our own. we traveled to find our home and did all the paper work up to closing through the email, mail and telephone. went to closing (had a lawyer at my 1st closing on my home in hollywood things were messed up!!!) signed our papers. now show me the hands of who was not ruched through closong and able to read each paper throughly and i bet no hands would go up. so when closing wa completes and my mortgage application was initialed it was scanned the wrong amount of my salary was not even noticed until 3 years later when i was checking my docs for fraud. she increased my salary by 700$ just enough for me not to notice. i have it in writing that wells fargo put me in a state dincome loan even though i sent paycheck stubs and had 19 years of verifiable income as an RN. then ok funds were getting tight after my the bp oil spill and was underemployed. wells fargo tells me not to pay to qualify for hamp then they lose my paper work and move my file. of course afters of research i was ready new my lis pendens was comming and hired stopa law firm for my defense. i was reviewing my foreclosure package and who do you know endorsed my note but miss robosigner her self Joan M MILLs stamped endorsement. no notary, no time and date stamp. no assignment, wells fargo has been my servicer so i think my mortgage is caught in the pseudo securitization scam. pretending to me that it was securitized (servicer) (investor deneid mod) (deny hamp mod) but at foreclsoure act like they own the motgage . has to be fraud , fraud in the factum. must be some good defenses. we shall see. until then i will work hard since i am returning to school for my bsn. i miss my hollywood home and hollywood beach but i moved to save myself and family from going through what is happening . how sad that the banks can deceive people like this and get away with it. these are our homes that we love. some of us put our retirement savings into these homes we will not let them go with out a fight!!!! happy new year ya’ll hope 2012 brings homeowners releif. may joan m mills be deposed to say she rubberstamped 10;s of thousands of notes for wellls fargo but was never a vice president of wells fargo as her rubber stamp claims. and may my hime be saved from this tyranny,

  2. Pamela says:

    Been there done that.Had bowel resect done in April 2010 Dr. said tooo much stress,followed by a heart attack in April of 2011.Again Dr. said way tooo much stress.Dr. told me to get away from house that it was going to kill me if I didn’t change something very quick.Was evicted 6-29-11 took a break and moved my family away from house as they were suffering thier own unique physical and emotional problems.Back from break now and fighting still but from a distance which has removed some stress.This is a killer.Do what you can but don’t sacrifice health and family as thats too high a price to pay for the sake of a house.


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