Some Florida lawmakers want to repossess foreclosed homes more quickly


Some Florida lawmakers want to repossess foreclosed homes more quickly

Some Florida lawmakers want to repossess foreclosed homes more quickly

Funny, because Florida homeowners are still waiting for you lawmakers to go after the fraud in your own backyard, you know like what Nevada AG Masto & California AG Harris are doing, by going after LPS, which HQ’s are in Florida.

Make any sense?!

Palm Beach Post-

Some Florida lawmakers want to tweak a rarely used fast-track foreclosure law to shrink the state’s court backlog and as an end run around Wall Street reforms that may bar nonjudicial foreclosures.

The Senate judiciary committee, which has discussed ways to reduce the average two-year timeline to repossess a home in Florida, is scheduled to meet today in Tallahassee.


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  1. lies is all they tell says:

    does anyone know whoi write to….. i am an RN for 25 years. i worked for memorial hospital in hollywood, fl at the time i applied for the mortgage on my home. as an RN for 25 yeas my ethical record is clean. i had a steady paycheck but explained to the broker i worked 2-3 days a week 24-36 hours a week. I thought she would figure our my average salary and the under writer would verify income. well now after 6 years i find out from wells fargo them selves i have been put into one of those stated income loans. the mortgage broker added 700$ to my monthly income so i basically could not afford my home upon closing. and wells fargo being the deviates they are include an intitialed copy of the mortgage application. i was under the impression my income was verified. since i was falsely put in a stated income loan that should null and void any signiture and the loan. please help i am so devistated. how can they say we bought homes we couldnt afford when we had unscrupulous mortgage brokers lieing to make the big bucks. how could this have been done to me. why was income not verified to protect me from them. i do not desrve what i am going through. i am still looking for a florida lawyer to defend this new info


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