Witness in LPS foreclosure case an apparent suicide


Witness in LPS foreclosure case an apparent suicide

Witness in LPS foreclosure case an apparent suicide

* Empty medicine bottles found near body-sources

* No suicide note found

* No sign of foul play-Las Vegas police

By Scot J. Paltrow

Nov 30 (Reuters) – A key witness in a Nevada criminal foreclosure fraud case who was found dead on Monday apparently committed suicide, individuals close to the investigation of her death said.

Reuters reported on Tuesday that police had found the body of Tracy Lawrence, a notary, in her Las Vegas apartment shortly after she failed to appear in court for sentencing on a misdemeanor count related to the case.


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  1. jim says:

    First, let me say that I do not believe in coincidence. The surrounding circumstances in this “suicide” are far too familiar. This true story reads like a John Gresham novel, and is yet another ominous sign of things to come. This poor girl may, in fact, have taken her own life, but what were the driving forces behind this tragedy? Facing minimal jail time and even less in threatened fines, this woman found it impossible to live with herself…which frightens us all, hopefully. What did she know about the system? How many skeletons were rattling about in her closet? We may never know the “how, who, why” aspects of this event. One thing is for certain, a person does not react so desperately to a situation unless there are some compelling factors that would drive such a sad and hopeless act. We’re all getting ready for a holiday season and as is typical for we gluttenous Americans, we are already setting new records for how much money we can spend that we don’t have, and living on the false sense of promise of the system in which we are entrenched. Debt is the only way that the banking cartels make their untold, illicit, blood-soaked profits. And we are all to gracious in accepting the chains that bind us. May your chains weigh lightly upon you this joyous holiday season…pigs.



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