US Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell, How Average Joe's Home Was Stolen


US Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell, How Average Joe’s Home Was Stolen

US Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell, How Average Joe’s Home Was Stolen


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Bill Butler writes: The untold story in the foreclosure crisis unfolding across America is that, following a foreclosure perpetrated by one of the October 2008 Bailout Banks (e.g. Bank of America, Citibank, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo) Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac suddenly appear as the record owner of Average Joe’s home. These federal government sponsored entities then go into local housing court and get a court order authorizing them to evict Joe. If Joe resists, these supposedly charitable institutions obtain a writ ordering the local sheriff to forcibly remove Joe from his home.


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  1. Bill
    You might find this interesting

    November 29, 2011
    Congressman Frank:
    Good to see you this morning. We all love to read about ourselves. Some sort of aggrandizement I guess. Anyway, I would like to ask you again for a conversation over coffee next week about your retirement and a way to help our country out of this austerity/debt crisis. Certainly we can agree to disagree! Every day I am learning more about money and the value and benefits of an interest and debt free currency for the United States.
    Public money and massive forgiveness can be very effective ways to economic recovery!
    Economic recovery through automatic cuts by default can have only one result: reduced availability of jobs, which will have as a consequence more bankruptcies, more foreclosures, and more people on the street. Austerity does not need to happen in these United States! People seem to be losing everywhere! Massive forgiveness, according to A WAY FORWARD, the October report of the New America Foundation is the only effective way to economic recovery!
    The people’s losing really started on December 23, 1913 when Congress allowed a “fourth branch” of government to come into existence to control the contraction and expansion of the money supply that had been emphatically delegated to Congress in the 1776 Constitution. Congress was told then by Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island that making up this “fourth branch” of the government would end depressions! The private bankers/banks and legislators who established this “fourth branch” called their creation the “Federal Reserve”, a central bank for the United States.
    This creature has become more powerful than its creator. Its stated goal was to be the lender of last resort and its remedy is bailouts based on the government’s ability to tax the people. The private bankers/banks and legislators have used the monetary power and influence of the Federal Reserve very well. Instead of the U.S. Treasury creating public money for the people, Congress continually borrows money from the private Federal Reserve, and instead of paying back the money it borrows, Congress services an ever-increasing debt. This over time has unjustly enriched the private banking cartel at the expense of the people, with social services having to be cut in order to service the debt.
    To most of today’s working public, a decision on fiscal austerity seems like the right thing to do. In reality, the paradox of thrift comes into play when there is a weak economy. Weak economies only come about because of lack of money. In a healthy economy, people have money and spend that money on new goods and services. If people overspend, they incur debt, and end up having to service debt instead of spending their money. Likewise, the government has incurred and is having to service exorbitant debt. An overpaying of debt slows down an economy while massive forgiveness is the only effective means to recovery, as stated before by the report by the New America Foundation: A WAY FORWARD on page 19.
    What can the retiring Congressman do?
    Congressman Frank, you can demand that the U.S. Treasury issue public money for the people. In this way, money is issued vs. borrowed into existence! You can also support Congressman’s Dennis Kucinich’s bill: Congressman Kucinich’s Historic Monetary Reform Bill HR 2990 September 21, 2011: Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced an employment bill reforming our money system: The NEED Act proposes a historic money reform, containing all the monetary provisions of the American Monetary Act including ending “fractional reserve” banking.

    Congressman Frank: The Constitution gives Congress the power to coin money and regulate its value, and no limitation is put on the value of the coins it creates. The entire national debt could be extinguished with coins minted by the U.S. Mint, stamped with the appropriate face value. From my study and research, indications have it that a simple, efficient and a wide circulation of non-borrowed or public money can create a healthy, vibrant economy!
    A way to relieve the people of overburdened debt is through a Jubilee, which throughout history resulted in the forgiveness of all debts in order to bring back into balance a healthy economic system. Eliminating people’s debt will free up dollars for the purchase of goods and services, which will stimulate the economy. Our current economic system has gotten out of balance through a non-transparent, unregulated mortgage fiasco.

    Mortgages, helped along by your lenient mortgage lending standards, have been traded on Wall Street as stock, created through a securitization process of the loans of approximately 62 million homeowners in the United States. It has recently been discovered that this securitization process did not follow proper procedure, which, according to two Supreme Court decisions in Massachusetts, has clouded the original titles of the homeowners’ mortgages. This means that the current homeowners of homes may not have clear title to the home they are living in….Perhaps your own?

    I say, just give the homes to them…Clear the titles and start fresh!

    An effective way forward is debt forgiveness! Austerity cannot work as that will result in decreased demand in goods and services and spending will devalue the dollar even more. With the money freed up by the debt forgiveness bill H01193, everyone in Massachusetts can have a FREE home. Hey, why not? The banks have $2 trillion in cash. The banks got that cash from the people who have bailed them out!

    David Snieckus
    99 Crescent Street
    Newton, MA 02466

    David Snieckus of Auburndale, a village of Newton, MA, introduced his Jubilee Act, H01193 through Representative Kay Khan on November 10, 2011 at the State House hearing by the Joint Committee on Financial Services


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