Foreclosure firm's collapse could delay cases statewide


Foreclosure firm’s collapse could delay cases statewide

Foreclosure firm’s collapse could delay cases statewide

If you think these mills are the only ones? …GUESS AGAIN!

All of these firms should be barred and out of business period. You all know who you are.


The sudden demise of one of New York’s largest foreclosure law firms has raised concerns of a drag on the thousands of cases it still has pending before the courts.

Steven J. Baum PC filed notice Monday informing federal labor regulators that it is planning “mass layoffs” on Feb. 20 as it prepares to close its doors. While no specific numbers were provided, the firm currently employs about 67 full and part-time employees at its main offices in western New York and 22 full and part-time employees in Long Island.

But while his firm may be on its way out, Steven Baum said in a statement Monday that he and remaining staff members will “fulfill our remaining work on behalf of our clients.”

Whether this means relying on the skeleton crew left behind to wind down the business or transferring cases to new firms will depend on the status of each case, according to attorneys who work on foreclosures in New York.


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5 Responses to “Foreclosure firm’s collapse could delay cases statewide”

  1. Josh says:

    Certainly any law firm associated with Baum’s back office operation, Pillar Processing, should also be banned from receiving Fannie and Freddie referrals at the least!

  2. JT says:

    Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates is another NY foreclosure mill submitting robo-signed documents to the courts. I caught them red-handed doing that in my case, and I haven’t heard from them in nearly a year. They even withdrew their motion for summary judgment, including their bogus “evidence”.

    They aren’t quite as sloppy and arrogant as Baum and his attorneys, but they’re committing the same crimes. Law enforcement should be investigating Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates too, especially because they are likely to pick up a lot of the business Baum lost.

  3. Rosetta says:

    Please don’t forget Fein, Such & Crane of new york

  4. scarednearlystiff says:

    Thanks for this important post and the comments.

    There are local and broad implications of course because:

    it seems that in any State the lawfirms can and do claim they are just doing what everyone else is doing. It seems, roughly, an attempted “standard practices” defense in the forum state.

    But as pointed out in fraudclosure discussions, fraud is both a criminal and civil offense and should be penalized, and yet claims of “standard” practice distract from the substantial injuries and hardships created.

    So the offenses get minimized unrealistically, unfairly, even cruelly.

    A question:
    Are there and can we read any statistics or even stories about the foreclosure or eviction lawfirm changing its mind and withdrawing the lawsuits? Even making amends? Or acknowledging material mistakes?

    Thanks for all input on this and all topics, thanks Moderator.

  5. Ben says:

    You cant feel sorry for this idiot and I wish nothing but the worst on him and his employees. I hope his employees have problems paying their mortgage and get foreclosed on so they know how it feels. They obviously closed their doors for violations and Im sure it wasnt just a coincidence. Burn Baum Burn


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