State AGs target mortgage mess - Eric Schneiderman and Beau Biden


State AGs target mortgage mess – Eric Schneiderman and Beau Biden

State AGs target mortgage mess – Eric Schneiderman and Beau Biden

Pay close attention to this one, real close 🙂

We undertook such an inquiry, building on the work of many others. And we know time is of the essence. Homeowners and investors are suffering every day, and patterns of abuse and misconduct are continuing. We’re working hard to complete the first — and most critical — phase of our investigation before the end of 2011.


America’s free markets work only when there is one set of rules for everyone — and everyone plays by those rules.

It is now clear, however, that many in the mortgage finance industry ignored the rules over the past decade. This led to a breakdown in our housing market and in the market for mortgage-backed securities.


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  1. lies is all they tell says:

    do i need to sat DAH as in floridah???????? house prices here were going hire then salaries as were property taxes and homeowners insurance. in 2006 i noticed somthing was wrong. i was not in trouble yet. i called a local senatoe mike fasano in new port richey, fl i sent an email and then he called me. i told hime the taxes on a new home i bought in Miramar, fl went hire then my salary would allow. i think there was fraud in my application approval. at the time the monthly salary was right what the wells fargo did was not use the taxes and insurance as part of the mortgage to approve us for the home. In florida there is some tax law that in a new house the 1st year you pay what the buillder paid, for an empty lot and in a year later the taxes are based on the properties “improvement” the taxes went sky ^ and the insurance went ^. The only thing mike fasano said to me was “I should have known”. i should have known that GL HOMES was going to scam me. telllies to sell and finance homes. the builders help this mess along. home prices were rising daily. it was a mess. so he had the chance to listen to me and decided i was at fault. i shoudl email in a few weeks and ask him. send him my original email almost 6 years ago and see what he says about it now????


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