New York Working With Delaware on Criminal Foreclosure Inquiry


New York Working With Delaware on Criminal Foreclosure Inquiry

New York Working With Delaware on Criminal Foreclosure Inquiry

via Bloomberg

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said he is working with Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden to investigate possible criminal acts by financial institutions tied to the foreclosure crisis in an interview today on the cable news network MSNBC.

Tried to get the video clip off the Rachel Maddow show but it would never work. So until it’s fixed there won’t be a video of his interview.


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3 Responses to “New York Working With Delaware on Criminal Foreclosure Inquiry”

  1. Barry Fagan says:



    Your email to the Attorney General states:

    This is a Consumer complaint against the business/company named below

    First Name: Barry
    Middle Initial: S
    Last Name: Fagan
    City: Malibu
    State: CA
    Zip: 90265

    Company Name: Wells Fargo Bank NA
    Company Address Line: 420 Montgomery Street
    Company Address Line 2:
    Company City: San Francisco
    Company State: CA
    Company Zip: 94104

    Comment Or Question Message: Please find links to my October 25, 2011 Second Supplemental Objection with supporting Expert Opinion Exhibits as filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. SC112044 concerning Document Fraud, Perjury, Loan Application Fraud by Wells Fargo Bank.

    Contained within those exhibits, are 3 different versions of an ORIGINAL Deed of Trust, along with multiple fraudulent loan applications.

    Exhibit A is the Deed of Trust as filed with the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorders Office, while Exhibit B and Exhibit C were provided by Wells Fargo Bank as alleged original documents. The magnified version of page 4 all clearly show variations of the same hand written number and is an indication that the original Exhibit A as recorded in the Los Angeles County Recorders Office has been altered since it was originally recorded.

    Page 4 has been altered and it does not take a document expert to see that the magnified version of these pages show completely different versions of the hand written number 4.

    Kindly review the additional exhibits to see that Wells Fargo Bank’s entire loan file is wrought with errors and inconsistencies and quite frankly fraud!

    The Law Offices of KUTAK ROCK LLP in Irvine California currently has possession of this altered document and I ask that your agency issue a subpoena for this document so that you can prove that it is indeed different from the original that was recorded and copied in the Los Angeles County Registrar Office.

    This is blatant fraud and our National banks are acting as if they are above the law and this case gives our law enforcement agencies an opportunity to prove just how much harm these banks are causing our economy.

    Thank you.

    Barry S. Fagan Esq.

  2. Mr. Fagan this is going on with Major Banks using 3rd parties as Notary &/or lawyers. In my case bank of America has changed TWO documents to support a position of omission with a battery of people ready to fake a documents for a fee. I wonder what the costs was for Bank of America to assign my home to Alaska Federal Credit Union on 7/20/2011 when in April AA-EC-11-12 consent order they sign to stop the practices you can look at by going to Check out the Fraud of 2011 after these guys said YES we will stop Robo-signing,forgery & Fraud.
    Where are the Board of Directors?


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