Why we do what we do. Please watch to understand the Occupy Wall Street Movement

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Why we do what we do. Please watch to understand.

Why we do what we do. Please watch to understand.

Because enough is enough and the corruption has finally exploded back in their faces.

Expose Corruption.

Money & Politics IS…

the Root of ALL Evil!



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3 Responses to “Why we do what we do. Please watch to understand.”

  1. KSinCFL says:

    The problems associated with the fact our gov’t is bought and paid for by special interests is all the more compounded by the fact main stream media is too. Thank you Dylan for having the guts to say what far too many of your “peers” (and I use that term loosely) are either afraid or prohibited from saying.


  1. […] Dylan Ratigan: Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is, is being censored because we all know how outspoken Mr. Ratigan is about standing up for our rights. I hope I am mistaken because we all miss hearing from Dylan. If HuffPO reaches out to us […]

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