Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewers


Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewers

Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewers

As I’ve said it before, Don’t expect this bunch of dog sh*t to benefit you.

Prof. Adam Levitin wrote a devastating and I mean devastating piece of you guessed it, yours truly, Robo-Signing 2.0 that demands an investigation.

Don’t fall for any of these so called regulators to help you. It’s NEVER going to happen! Get it through to your head.

Oh and by the way …Funny sh*t is, Citi Group just recently made a call like this. But go read Prof. Levitin’s piece and come back to check Citi’s Help Wanted ad to “Sign legal affidavits for purpose of foreclosure hearings.”

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Do you have what it takes to be a Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewer Level 2?  An intrepid researcher forwarded to me a job ad for a mortgage foreclosure reviewer who will be reviewing bank foreclosures per the OCC/Fed servicing fraud consent orders.

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4 Responses to “Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewers”

  1. McGruff says:

    Dismissed “with” prejudice.

    What options does the lender have after their foreclosure lawsuit has been dismissed “with” prejudice?

    People tell me they can’t bring another foreclosure lawsuit … but I can’t imagine it ends there.

    Does anyone know what I should expect?


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  3. […] Posted on22 November 2011. Tags: 15-page bank proposal, 16-page document, 27-page document, 50 state settlement, adam levitin, Adecco Technical, agreement, attorney generals, CFPB, Charles W. Calomiris, CONSENT ORDERS, counter, Draft Uniform Servicing Standars, Eric J. Higgins, foreclosure fraud, Foreclosure Review Services (FRS), John Walsh, Joseph R. Mason, law offices of david J. stern plantation florida 33324, Lender Processing Services Inc., LPS, MERS, Miriam Mendieta, MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS INC., OCC, Office Of The Comptroller Of The Currency, servicers Isn’t Miriam now working for Florida Default Law Group aka LOGS Network? And remember what Prof. Levitin was saying, watch out for Robo-Signing 2.0! […]

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