Freddie Protecting Banks, Not Taxpayers, And Never Mind Homeowners


Freddie Protecting Banks, Not Taxpayers, And Never Mind Homeowners

Freddie Protecting Banks, Not Taxpayers, And Never Mind Homeowners

I’ll say it again, Their days are numbered. Plenty to hide but eventually the cat will come out of the bag!


For many months, people concerned about the anemic American economy have focused on the housing market, and the reality that many of the nation’s homeowners remain underwater, owing banks more than their homes are worth. Eyes have turned to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government-controlled mortgage behemoths that collectively back about half of the nation’s $11 trillion worth of outstanding home loans: If they would forgive a significant slice of this debt for homeowners facing difficulty, that would give borrowers a greater stake in their properties, diminishing the foreclosure crisis. The move would put more money in people’s pockets via lowered mortgage payments — money that borrowers would in turn spend, generating jobs for other people.

But the government body that now supervises Fannie and Freddie, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, has refused to…


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One Response to “Freddie Protecting Banks, Not Taxpayers, And Never Mind Homeowners”

  1. evoldog says:

    Is it viable to file writs of mandamus and prohibition against state AG’s to force them to perform their duties, by thoroughly investigating and bringing criminal charges when justified against the banks, and to force them to NOT cut deals without thorough investigation.
    Same to force superior court clerks, at least in GA, of official responsible for collecting fees, to go after teh fees not paid by MERS?

    Also, when forgeries of docs in chain of title are proved, why not have the atty arrested on the steps for criminal intent and theft? Same fopr th elegally culpable members o fthe firm, if they refuse to stop the FC process when provided proof of forgeries, swear out criminal warrants and have them arrested at their offices?


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