Florida Supreme Court reconsidering foreclosure mediation program


Florida Supreme Court reconsidering foreclosure mediation program

Florida Supreme Court reconsidering foreclosure mediation program

Just more of the same that does not work. How about a moratorium until everyone figures out a solid plan to help with those 46+ million struggling to get back on their feet? Leave the brilliant bank brains out of this one Heh?

America stop running around in circles and start preparing for a disaster heading our way.

Palm Beach Post-

The Florida Supreme Court ordered a review Monday of its landmark foreclosure mediation program which has shown limited success in finding alternatives for struggling homeowners.

The mandatory program for all homesteaded properties was ordered by the court in Dec. 2009 in an effort to reduce judicial caseloads and help borrowers avoid foreclosure with options that can include a loan modification, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or a short sale.


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3 Responses to “Florida Supreme Court reconsidering foreclosure mediation program”

  1. lies is all they tell says:

    why is everyine in our country sleeping. if the housing market has been crashed and people can not work we can not pay social security, income tax, mortgages, health care bills, credit card bills. with so liitle money comming into households we all have enough just to eat, have a phone, internet for job search , electric. there is little room for anything else. so what i do not understand is how our own preseident does not understand this. thats all i have to say i will go back to sleep now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Florida Supreme Court -haven’t you learned anything, yet?

  3. please dont make any excuses 50 % in america have been subject to preadatory lending the banks have chosen them they lend 50% of the house value then empty your escrow acount.when you repo rt to your goverment. ie department of trift supervision and controller of currancies back in may 2008 they both new what was about to errupt ie THE BANK AND MORTGAGE CALLAPSE AROUND THE WORLD ? THINK DESERT AND THATS WHY 50% of mortgage forclosures are fraudulent. the people who paid 10 % deposit thats why you walked away and put the keys through the mail box .and thats your fault dont jump on the band wagon. you PUT YOUR MONEY IN THE ONLY PROVEN LONG TERM INVESTMENT THAT IS PROVEN WORLD WIDE ihave been through 2 reccesions in uk .i investid in america because i thought thatamerica had the same LAW SYSTEM AS ENGLAND ? but iwas wrong the system is corrupt . my case in england would have been in court within 2 months maximum this case is in its 3rd year what a complete joke for your legal system THIS IS A FRAUDULENT FORCLOSURE AND PREADATORY LENDING SKAM if you treet investers whom have lived in your country since 2002 what does your future hold ican go back to england and retire not were i want to retire hese the huge commitment imade in 2002 iam totaly disgusted how the american goverment ie legal system has let me down .iwould like to think that americans in england are treated fairly . BUT I HAVENT I HAVE BEEN FOBBED OFF FROM PILLER TO POST ? how do you expect to be able to move on ? THANKS FOR HEARING MY STOREY LPW


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