Minnesota AG Swanson Backs Schneiderman: No Settlement With the Banks Without Investigation


Minnesota AG Swanson Backs Schneiderman: No Settlement With the Banks Without Investigation

Minnesota AG Swanson Backs Schneiderman: No Settlement With the Banks Without Investigation

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Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson has released a letter that opposes giving a broad release to banks on foreclosure fraud in exchange for a quick settlement.

In the letter, Swanson writes that “the banks should not be released from liability for conduct that has not been investigated and is not appropriately remedied in any settlement.” Specifically, she refers to “liability for securities claims or conduct arising out of the securitization of mortgages or liability arising out of the use of the Mortgage Electronic Registry System (“MERS”), where those claims have not been investigated or fairly addressed through the settlement.” She adds that bank officers should not be released from criminal liability in a civil settlement.

Swanson lines up with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, then, in saying


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3 Responses to “Minnesota AG Swanson Backs Schneiderman: No Settlement With the Banks Without Investigation”

  1. Kathryn says:

    I am delighted, grateful, relieved, excited, pleased and etc. that our own AG here in MN is taking a stand on the right side of the law with those other brave souls across the country who have risked careers, reputations, support, inclusion (political) and criticism for talking about what should have happened long ago. Many ordinary citizens across MN and the entire country are hoping that our courts start applying the “doctrine of unclean hands” when presented cases involving fraudulently prepared, signed, processed and misused documents aka “records” (according to the perpetrators and their accomplices in this sham that is bringing down our entire economy and having ever more serious repercussions around the world). Too big to fail? NO – Too big to sustain? YES – Why? Because they are too corrupt to permit their continued existence and free unfettered movement among us working their evil, self-serving deeds (pun intended).

  2. PaulR says:

    GOD BLESS MINNESOTA, I am proud of my birth state!! I’m excited to see them join NY, DE and others in holding FIRM on these important issues.

    Keep up the pressure, people!!

  3. Kathryn says:

    This entire debacle gives me pause to think about a “motto” my son learned in prep school . . . which he frequently recites aloud . . . and to which he asprises every day to employ as his guiding principle(s) in all areas of his life. It is worth the read, the understanding, and even more the application of the principles contained within to whatever extent we are able in our own lives and interactions with everyone and everything we encounter. It is from Culver Academy, Culver IN . . . authored by S.E. Kiser, 1912.

    The Spirit of Culver

    The hope to win and the zeal to dare,
    Contempt for what is base and mean,
    Pride in achievement that is fair,
    And high regard for what is clean.
    The strength that is in brotherhood,
    The courage that proclaims success,
    The will to strive for what is good,
    And first and always manliness.”

    He often says it means that you work hard, tell the truth and treat others with respect. I hope it will inspire others, whether private citizens or public officials, to stand in front of that mirror every day and honestly evaluate whether their own actions measure up in even a small way. Thank you MN AG, Lori Swanson. Your mirror will like what it reflects. Now, I must jump off my soapbox before somebody kicks it out from under me. Later . . .


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