Biden's heirs split over bank foreclosure probe


Biden’s heirs split over bank foreclosure probe

Biden’s heirs split over bank foreclosure probe

Bank Fraud should never be tollerated, nor should anyone get away with breaking the law. Everything they have touched was emerged with FRAUD! They detroyed US and we ARE BROKEN!

These are addicts and they need serious REHAB not a BAILOUT!


Delaware’s Attorney General Beau Biden is leading calls for renewed investigation and prosecution of giant US banks for their role in the home foreclosure mess.


But Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell, worried about thousands of bank jobs in Wilmington, wants to settle the “controversies” quickly so banks start lending again (and hiring his voters in recession-wracked Delaware).


Both are Democrats. The Attorney General is the son of former US Sen., now Vice President, Joe Biden. The senator’s role in shaping US banking policy includes his crucial support for the GOP- and credit card bank-backed US bankruptcy reform law of 2004 – which ended up boosting foreclosures, according to this report by a Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia scholar.


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  1. I welcome the opportunity for SOMEONE to look at Countrywide Refi done in 06 & 07, Fraud. I have a case number w?A office BUt told BofA is Federal deal w/OCC. Well, MERS is a Delaware corporation & I am willing to hand over years of papers w/Countrywide & now Bank of America. I also twitter@judemcdonald pics of documents & I have so much more to show ANYONE except Bank of America,SimiValley CA that asks I send papers to them to investigate,my exp. so far I will keep my papers. Because FannieMae & Bank of America have documents will no signatures NO Notary NO lawyer & recorder of Deeds had loan satisfied until 7/22/11 BofA changed my home loan & assignee it to Alaska credit union.


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