More on Refinancing Plan - Adam Levitin


More on Refinancing Plan – Adam Levitin

More on Refinancing Plan – Adam Levitin

Someone in the comment section from Credit Slips raised an interesting issue;

“Some of the 50-states state AG’s seem to be following the federal lead against Mr. Schneiderman – and are pushing the old Hillary Clinton-Brian Deese-Rob Rubin “tort reform” idea to protect “responsible bankers”

and linked the following 2008 NY Daily News article called Hillary Clinton calls for legal protections for honest mortgage lenders. In case you’re interested… it’s worth checking out!

Adam Levitin-

Chris Mayer, one of the authors of the refinancing plan, a version of which is currently being considered by the administration, wrote in to the comments on an earlier post, protesting my characterization of his proposal. I have no argument with Chris about there being too many frictions in the refinancing process. I’m not sure that this is the best way to fix them, however, and I’m also puzzled by what problem the proposal aims to solve.  Is the goal to stabilize the housing market or to provide economic stimulus?


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  1. DanJS says:

    The comments on the Credit Slip site concerning this article are more revealing than the article itself.


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