John O'Brien MA Registry of Deeds: AG Tom Miller Should Step Down


John O’Brien MA Registry of Deeds: AG Tom Miller Should Step Down

John O’Brien MA Registry of Deeds: AG Tom Miller Should Step Down

Richard Zombeck-

John O’Brien, Registry of Deeds for Southern Essex County in Massachusetts is asking that Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General, step down. Miller is the lead AG in the controversial settlement with the big banks on mortgage servicing fraud.

In his most recent obscene act Miller kicked Attorney General Eric Schneiderman off of the 50-state task force probing foreclosure abuses and negotiating a possible settlement agreement with the mortgage firms.


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3 Responses to “John O’Brien MA Registry of Deeds: AG Tom Miller Should Step Down”

  1. joi says:

    Yes, Tom Miller needs to step down for sure and Obama needs to be impeached. I would never ever vote again in this lifetime due to these unrighteous, wicked underhanded crooks. I’m glad that Eric isn’t budging and I pray for him everyday and ask that you all too pray for him and the others that are standing up against the Obama administration and for having morals to know what’s right and fighting for the people not the banks. One thing these crooks refuse to acknowledge that GOD is still in control and they are all about to fall like dominos. The recent earthquake proves such (you see Washington got the brunt of it) Hmmmmmmmmm think about it.

  2. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    If this Miller mess isn’t proof we voted in a placebo government at the instigation of the CFR led Looters of America(LOA)through phonied up TV advertising, it is because after we voted in a false placebo paper thin slate in previous elections, they followed their inaugural balls with the appointments of paper-thin placebo justices and AGs.

    The Daily Bail, true on course in the stormiest of seas. Is the entire Obama/Bush holdover administration downloading trash and writing ‘I need a raise’ letters 24/7? Every one of them is gladly being bullied into silence and hiding, or jumping up on the stage to forcibly grab someone’s crotch and yell threats at the crowd. What a bunch of garbage.

  3. anon says:

    Iowa’s recording offices aren’t safe from dirty docs either:

    The following link leads to a Limited Power of Attorney arrangement between JPMorgan Chase Bank, US Bank, Lehman Brothers, Aurora Loan Services, and Structured Asset Securities Corporation, filed in Pottawattami County in 2006. Note, the last page states that the agreement has been witnessed on 11/30/2004, and then the date changes at the bottom of the same page in the notary block to 3/31/2005. This particular trust (SASCO, Series 2005-RMS1) has also been named under a different power of attorney agreement (with different terms) recorded in several counties, nationwide. (See, e.g., Broward County Florida Official Records, Book 48043, Page 1908.)


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