After The Storm - Foreclosure Fraud & Robo-Signing Continues by Nye Lavalle


After The Storm – Foreclosure Fraud & Robo-Signing Continues by Nye Lavalle

After The Storm – Foreclosure Fraud & Robo-Signing Continues by Nye Lavalle


A Year Ago, A Storm of Allegations And Reports Highlighting Robo-­Signing And Foreclosure Fraud Swept Across America Causing Major Banks To Halt Foreclosures Nationwide While Congressional, State, And Federal Investigations Were Launched. A Year Later, While Investigations Are Still Ongoing, Regulators Have Failed To Correct The Underlying Issues Behind Foreclosure Fraud And Robo-­Signing. The Overwhelming Evidence Presented In This Paper Is That Not Only Were American Homeowners And Borrowers Defrauded In The World’s Greatest Financial Scam, But American’s Wealth And Security Were Placed At Risk. To Date, There Has Been Only One Criminal Conviction Of An Executive Of A Major Mortgage Company And Other Criminal Convictions Have Been Halted. Still, As Shown In This Paper, Foreclosure Fraud And Robo-­Signing Continue While Some Courts Address The Issue And Others Ignore The Ramifications Of This Massive Fraud. What Is Now Known Is That These Scams Were Not Unique, But Industry-­Wide. The Mortgage-­Backed Securities Turned Out To Be Non-­Mortgage & Note Backed Empty Trusts. To Conceal This Massive Ponzi Scheme Perpetuated Against Americans, The Nation’s Mortgage Industry Continues To Manufacture, Fabricate, & Destroy Evidence, Despite The Inherent Risks And Ramifications Since Over 90% of Borrowers Don’t Challenge Their Foreclosures.

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3 Responses to “After The Storm – Foreclosure Fraud & Robo-Signing Continues by Nye Lavalle”

  1. Mary Cochrane says:

    Thank you. True Patriot. Fearless. How do we get you & Lynn S on 60 Minutes? Will they reveal the ‘FEDERAL RESERVE’ controlled the OCC since 1996? Congress never vested powers to Federal Reserve. The FEDERAL RESERVE, the face of the private wealth of the finance universe took over the OCC inheriting its regulatory powers now able to contol and bless the takings of real, personal properties and control of the real estate industry, energy industry, now medical industy. Did you know there is a MERS Member of FIS specifically integrating the Vendor, Servicer ready to handle Obamas’ nationalized access to US funding medicare, ….


  2. margret brady says:

    Even when caught, there is no attempt to correct the bogus title transfers.


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