Attorneys Save 90-Year Old Woman From Being Evicted After Watching CBS-ATL News Report


Attorneys Save 90-Year Old Woman From Being Evicted After Watching CBS-ATL News Report

Attorneys Save 90-Year Old Woman From Being Evicted After Watching CBS-ATL News Report



A 90-year old woman was scheduled to be thrown out of her home tomorrow at 1 p.m.

Fulton County Marshals arrived on Katherine Brealond’s doorstep of this morning. They were there to figure out what possessions they were going to have to throw out on the curb tomorrow.

“She was unaware that her home was being foreclosed on,” Fulton County Marshal Antonio Johnson told CBS Atlanta News.

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2 Responses to “Attorneys Save 90-Year Old Woman From Being Evicted After Watching CBS-ATL News Report”

  1. eva smith says:

    Fulton county is on too all the fraud now , and all the falSe evition the frAudulent bank owner is pulling off , start with Gloria Jackson , and home side lending corp and wellsfargo home mortgage corp aka united companies lending corp At 4041 eseen lane baton rouge la 70806 , also new century farm llc , decision one mortgage corp , wachovia corp , at this place of business in bAton rouge , also has a office in Atl ga- smyrna ga 30080. Accetance auto and insurance and mortgage. , its don’t make no sense that these banker so evil ,why are they so greedy ? Are they smokeing crack by a truck load , they must be broke .anytime fraud is going down , its got to be a no owner I bet the real owner do not even run run the companies pRobly don’t even no he own a group of companies , the cleck of the court need to ask the owner of the bank for I’d . All kind of I’d and ckeck that stuff to see if its fraud too . Run their I’d threw the city cops and threw the FBI system to see if they are the real person owner of that stuff , because if something is stolen they don’t. Care how they treat it . Ally bank and gmaC a unit of uniteD companies lending corp , and Citi group attacted to banco de , the bank of Spain , banco sAntander aka banco de , is the same company .

  2. eva smith says:

    Everybody no a theft want try the IRS And , well the making a Fool out of the sheriff’s department by having them evict people out house they have stolen , wow ! What is the world coming too , the theves useing the cops to put people out stolen houses . And the juDges too . I say send a head up to house theves they gone get 400 years. For the house fraud crimes starting today . I was telling my roomate the vitims of this stuff got to be going threw hell . God bless any Vitim of this mess . Let’s not forget that 90 year old lady who got killed for a fraudulent warrent too , fraud need to stop in all place where , in god we trust is at , cause those law make the world work . Property tittle need to be did just like cAr tittle , that a stop the fraud . U would have to hAnd the State real I’d , to make the tittle transferr , but a notery on the street can make a false stamp to paper work . Trustee sign paper and say they a be a good trusttee and then when the folks die they take the stuff and spend it their self , no , the law need to send a signal to anyone that thinking about breaking the law 100 and up , now that a make everybody get in line a little . For rite . The twin towel went down from some evil somebody did , nothing just happen , carma is coming back to a lot of stuff they think is gone away And forgotten , I belive carma a end earth , because their too much of it , and to little people to fix it .


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