Wayne County, Michigan Considers Foreclosure MoratoriumMichiganC


Wayne County, Michigan Considers Foreclosure Moratorium

Wayne County, Michigan Considers Foreclosure Moratorium

“The whole foreclosure crisis is predicated on fraudulent practices,” Fluker told Wayne County Commissioners. “Why is this county and our sheriff allowing evictions to proceed based on fraud?”

Michigan Citizen-

DETROIT — Wayne County Commissioners heard stirring testimony June 13 from dozens of area residents fighting to remain in their homes.

Their pleas were bolstered by attorneys and experts familiar with the depth of devastation wrought by the ongoing foreclosure crisis. The broad coalition turned out for the public meeting held at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center and in support of the Homeowner Protection and Neighborhood Preservation Act.

The act, proposed by Commissioner Martha Scott in April, seeks an immediate moratorium on all foreclosures in Wayne County for one year.

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  1. enough already says:

    and florida will continue repossessing homes as they were cars becuase why “moral hazard” to modify. so its ok for wells fargo to treatr me anyway they want its ok guys lose my paper work i will refax it, its ok give me a mod for more then my original mortgage gee if i could afford my original mortgage i would not have asked for help. oh also its ok i didnt want the hamo loan anyway so its ok to move our files out of review and of course its ok to lose a fed ex oackage with all my impirtant docs in it. its ok the tracking number and signee mean nothing because all wells fargo will do is tell the OCC and floridas AG that my file was never moved and i did not send the correct paper work.

    so folks florida does not nee a mortitorium only other states. because we are having such a good time in the sunshine state. my kids are losing their buses and they are laying off over 100 teachers. yes times are just so good in florida why would pam bondi even consider foreclosure mortitorium for florida?


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