Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas Three Mortgage Processors in Probe (LPS, FNF, CT CORP. SYSTEMS)


Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas Three Mortgage Processors in Probe (LPS, FNF, CT CORP. SYSTEMS)

Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas Three Mortgage Processors in Probe (LPS, FNF, CT CORP. SYSTEMS)


The Michigan attorney general’s office subpoenaed three mortgage processors including Lender Processing Services as part of a state probe of robo-signing.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said his office serviced Lender Processing, Fidelity National Financial Inc. (FNF) and CT Corporation System with investigative subpoenas as affiliates of DocX, a mortgage service support provider. The attorney general said he is seeking information about documents signed by DocX employees as “Linda Green.”

The subpoenas are part of a criminal investigation into questionable mortgage documentation filed with Michigan’s Register of Deeds offices, Schuette’s said in a statement today. The subpoenas were approved by the state court in Lansing June 13 and require responses by June 30, Schuette said.

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Schuette Issues Subpoenas in Criminal Probe of Mortgage Processors

Contact:  John Sellek or Joy Yearout 517-373-8060
Agency: Attorney General

LANSING– Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today announced that he has issued criminal investigative subpoenas against national mortgage servicing support providers in an expansion of his office’s investigation into questionable mortgage documentation filed with Michigan’s Register of Deeds offices during the current foreclosure crisis.

“Allegations of forged mortgage documents are very serious and require a thorough investigation,” said Schuette.  “I will continue to work closely with federal and local authorities to find answers on behalf of Michigan homeowners.”

The Attorney General is empowered to pursue criminal investigative subpoenas under the Code of Criminal Procedure (MCL 767A.2(2)).  Schuette’s office has filed criminal investigative subpoenas against DocX, which provides mortgage support services, including creating, processing or recording mortgage assignments or other mortgage documentation.  In addition to DocX, the following companies affiliated with DocX were served with investigative subpoenas by Schuette’s office:

·         Lender Processing Services, Inc.;

·         Fidelity National Financial, Inc.; and

·         CT Corporation System.

Schuette’s office has requested documents regarding the mortgage processing companies’ operations in relation to foreclosure and/or bankruptcy-related document processing.  The subpoenas were approved by the 54B District Court in Ingham County on Monday, June 13, 2011, and the information must be provided to the Attorney General’s Office on or before June 30, 2011.

In April 2011, Schuette launched an investigation after county officials across the state reported that they suspected Assignment of Mortgage documents filed in their offices may have been forged.  A recent “60 Minutes” news broadcast had shown that the name “Linda Green” was signed to thousands of mortgage-related documents nationwide, but with many different variations in handwriting.  County officials in Michigan reviewed their files and found similar documents, thus raising questions about the authenticity of the documents filed.

Schuette is investigating whether certain mortgage processing companies permitted such robosigning of legal documents filed in connection with Michigan foreclosures.  Apart from the question of whether falsified signatures were used, robosigning may also involve individuals signing affidavits to signify that mortgage documentation was properly prepared without ever conducting a proper review of the documents.  Although Michigan is a non-judicial foreclosure state, Schuette is reviewing whether robosigned documents may have been filed with courts in limited cases.

Schuette urges any current or former employees of mortgage servicers or processing companies with knowledge of unlawful practices related to mortgage servicing or the execution of documents in Michigan to call the Attorney General’s Corporate Oversight Division at (517) 373-1160 (517) 373-1160 .

Schuette is also continuing to work with fellow attorneys general in a national workgroup examining mortgage lending practices, including the robosigning issue and consumer protection concerns affecting homeowners nationwide.

Schuette reminds Michigan homeowners that citizens do not need to pay to speak with their lender or servicer or to obtain outside assistance with foreclosure issues.  Free local assistance with foreclosure issues can be found by calling the Michigan State Housing Development Authority at (866) 946-7432 (866) 946-7432.


source: http://www.michigan.gov

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11 Responses to “Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas Three Mortgage Processors in Probe (LPS, FNF, CT CORP. SYSTEMS)”

  1. John Anderson says:

    Golly, I wonder just how hard do you have to “investigate” DocX?
    Why just Linda Green? How about Korrel Harp and Tawanna Thomas? Just as many signature variations. Everybody knows that these low paid scum that worked for DocX knew full well that they were not Vice Presidents of major banks, and attorney in fact for anybody. They knew these phony documents were being used to throw people out of their homes! The notaries who worked at these firms KNEW they were breaking the law because when becoming a notary it is set out in clear terms what the law is, and the penalties for misuse of their authority.
    Why hasn’t anyone been charged, convicted or gone to jail?
    When Lynn Szymoniak and I put together the few assignments we had from DocX we knew right away that outright fraud was going on.
    Because she had worked for the FBI, she worked on the federal prosecutors and sent letters to lawmakers providing tons of background information.
    On 01/20/2010 I contacted the office of Attorney General Paul Howard Jr of Fulton Co Georgia and requested a investigation of DocX that was located in Alpharetta under his jurisdiction, and sent copies of paperwork that showed clear signs of fraud. I would show the e-mails between me and his office here, but for some reason I can not cut and paste onto this site. Suffice to say I was handed of to there white collar crime unit that I later learned was 1 officer. When he had no time, I was referred to the Alpharetta Police dept and spoke over the phone to two officers, one who kicked me up the ladder to his supervisor, who would not let me send him the evidence.
    When he found out how large a operation DocX was “over 100 employees, he told me that I was the only one complaining and I had a stake in the outcome.
    I asked him straight out “Is it to big for you?” He said that he would pass the complaint on to a committee at the state house. So far they have not done a damn thing about anything. The notary fraud they know all about after the 60 minutes report, and they have done nothing.
    At a point you can only ask for justice for so long, and then you have to take it.

  2. rebelwithaclause says:

    Why isn’t Trott & Trott mentioned in this probe. They were the Attorney’s that were foreclosing in a large portion of Michigan. Jeanne Kivi, signed my fraudulent form as Vice President of MERS, she really is a partner at Trott & Trott. Is it because they are the 16th biggest law firm in Michigan based out of Farmington Hills???? Is it because Trott & Trott The Michigan Graham backed bill THe home Foreclosure prevention Act, which would have gave homeowners more time to negotiate w/the pretender lenders where Former Majority House leader Steve Tobocman and allies charge that the legislation was killed by the major influence of Trott & Trott the Farmington HIlls law firm that handles the forged paperwork for hundreds of thousands of Michigan illegal foreclosures. The firm and a handful of David Trott, a prominent Republican Party Fundraiser have enjoyed a booming business as foreclosures have spread across the state in the last three years, making Millions for TROTT & TROTT, if not BILLIONS. google SENATE BANKING COMMITTEE and for more information about Trott & Trott ATTORNEY’S AT FRAUD, you can go to http://www.michiganmessenger.com/12512/will-trott-and-trott-block-foreclosure-relief

    I ask all of you to make another Complaint to Michigan’s Attorney General Schuette to up hold the law and DO AN INTERNAL AUDIT AND PROBE W/SUPBEONAS ISSUED AND ACCOUNTING BOOKS TO ALL & every Trott & Trott Attorney, Employee, all of David Trott’s business’s and their employess. Michigan’s attorney general should not be leaving out any investigative probes due to Political gain. I also encourage the same complaint made to the governor. Trott & Trott are operating a illegal forgery operation, and should be disbarred and prosecuted to the fullest exetent of the law on every count.

  3. Beth A says:

    A-men to that brother (on the Trott & Trott) –
    I complained as well – had their attorney Marcie Ford sign as an officer of the bank AND a MERS officer. Nothing.
    Additionally had complained to the AG in connection with Chase – no assignments, fraud in documents (not even my signature on a few forms) – and especially the income/asset “verification” that was signed by a Chase official named “xxxxxx”..yes, that’s all x’s. Nothing…until about 8 weeks later – I received an email from the AG of MI’s office directing me to the OCC…said they forwarded my complaint there. Uh yeah, been holding my breath for the OCC to reach out to me (that was 9 months ago).

    Trott & Trott has seriously deep pockets and has purchased themselves a free ticket, it would seem.

  4. christy says:

    I agree Trott & Trott should be investigated Jeanne Kivi signed my assignment of mortgage as vice president of mers right before they
    tried to foreclose. Her signature doesnt even look like her name. I will be filing a complaint with AG of MI!!

  5. Beth A. says:

    Yep, here we are well into September…no responses out of the AG’s Office on our inquiries or those we knew sent inquiries. How about you? It just isn’t “ok” for an elected officer to ignore public outcry – especially in this case.

    Let the AG know he is failing to protect consumers by ignoring requests to investigation (and hopefully put down) Trott & Trott.

  6. Beth A. says:

    October 2011…nothing out of the MI AG.
    MFI Miami has posted some info about Trott & Trott robosignors (2). If you’ve been beating the drum about this firm and getting nowhere = be sure to visit the MFI Miami site and give ’em kudos.

  7. BC says:

    I made two complaints to the Michigan AG about Trott & Trott and nothing. I called the AGs Consumer Protection division and the person said they are going after MERS assignments. I told her that all of the documentation I have is on MERS assignments. How else does Trott & Trott sign a mortgage assignment from MERS to the servicer.

    I sent them 33 different documents signed by Ellen Coon and Ken Kurel attorney’s for Trott & Trott showing 33 different signatures. Coon resigned from her position as partner and VP of Trott & Trott and their foreclosure processing company. I have documents showing Trott amended a previous mortgage assignment already recorded, but signed by Linda Green. They re-recorded the assignment by erasing or blocking out DocX’s information and Linda Green’s name and signature.

    I also have documentation showing Trott & Trott used a fraudulent deputy sheriff’s to foreclose on homes. I even have my assignment created and signed by Ellen Coon showing it is fraudulent.

    The person I spoke to re-opened my complaint and wondered why it was never investigated. I never got the response from Trott & Trott back.

  8. Beth A. says:


    KUDOS TO YOU!! Great job! You are a hero!

    Marcie Ford is also a robosignor for Trott & Trott.

    I get this feeling that someone in the AG’s office is shielding Trott & Trott – they give oodles of cash in campaign funds.

    This firm has to go down. They have harmed SO many people and have made millions of dollars in the process. I will not rest until this firm is broken down and the involved attorneys disciplined or disbarred.

    Which reminds me – I’d read somewhere this evening that if people provide evidence of this activity to the State Bar, the Bar is bound to investigate as well. I don’t hold a lot of faith in self-regulatory bodies, but it might be something…if we all do it.

    Thank you so VERY much for posting your update and for all you’ve done to bring this out into the light of day!

    Many blessings,

  9. norman324 says:

    Trott and Trott started foreclosure on my home in Mich.without the proper paperwork I called them on this, and are now scrambling to come up with paperwork that should have been filed with foreclosure papers.I suspect the papers will be fraudulent or they would have had them in the first place. Norm

  10. Tim P says:

    Hi any advice please I bought my house from someone that was flipping it they had bought it as a foreclosure I am in default being foreclosed on by no other Trott & Trott any ways started digging in to the paper from when the house was foreclosed on and pulled out a “mortgage release and satisfaction and discharge” says it was made by “docx” well it has Linda Green on the paper work signing as “vice president of wells fargo” and thats from 04. Anything I can do maybe fax the paperwork to Trott watch them scramble any ideas ! ?

    Thanks in advance


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